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joshuag 08-18-2011 9:40 PM

Going to Lake Shasta for the weekend
I am going to Lake Shasta for the weekend. We are getting a house boat. I was curious if there was a specific spot that people to go to party. Like where i am from we have Nacimento lake. Everyone on the weekends who wants to party goes to the narrows or las tablas. I was curious if there is anything like that at Lake Shasta. We are docking off of silverthorn resorts which is over by the squaw side. Here is a link to where we actually dock if that helps point us in the right direction. Thanks!


moto817 08-24-2011 12:28 AM

What dates are you going I will be up there the 25th thru the 29th.

seattle 08-24-2011 6:16 PM

Sac Arm is always busy around the resorts. Little Backbone can be fun as well.

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