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rrkyle 08-18-2011 1:21 PM

Jet Pilot A 10 sizing
Hey guys I have a question, I'm considering getting a jet pilot A 10 with a store credit I have at wakeside. I don't have access to any "wake" pro shops to try them on and what I'm wondering is how they fit? They are listed by waist size not chest,

I'm curious because I'm a pretty big guy. I'm 6'2 and have a 36" waist but a 48" chest. I'm worried the xl/xxl may be too tight on my chest.

Currently I ride with a liquid force Cardigan pullover XL and it was pretty tight when I first got it but fits great now.

Anybody have any insight on this? All the other makers seem to use chest measurements. So im confused..:confused::confused:

Cajun_Misfit 08-18-2011 1:45 PM

XL should not be all that tight... I'm a 32 waist and 42 Chest and had a couple different A-10s. I wear a Medium and it fits snug (the way i like it). So i don't see an XL being to tight on you. I have recently moved away from the A-10 though and when with a LF pullover comp vest; I got tired of the dumb zipper coming loose (it should zip from top to bottom NOT bottom to top). I think everyone will agree with me... That zipper came loose all the time and I broke my ribs on an eater out in the flats. I still to this day blame it on that stupid zipper! (at least that time...) :D

Hope this helps HAPPY HUNTING!

rrkyle 08-18-2011 3:11 PM

I have the LF Cardigan pullover and LOVE IT.

I'm just trying to find something to use my store credit on. I'm set on handles and boards for at least a few seasons and I thought it would be cool to have two vests or an extra for whenever I wear out the LF.

Also wondering how long are they? I love that the Cardigan covers my waistband.

Cajun_Misfit 08-19-2011 5:40 AM

Nah it won't cover the waist line. Its actually pretty short. Its always nice to have an extra jacket hanging around just in case you want to switch it up a little.

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