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imoore 08-18-2011 8:17 AM

Cable Park in the North West??
It's about time! News just broke about a cable popping up in Hood River, Oregon! Check out this recent post on Active Beaverton's Facebook page...


bcrider 08-18-2011 8:48 AM

From the link on AWS Facebook page.

We will be holding an informal public meeting at 7pm on Thursday the 25th at the Hood River Hotel. I will be presenting the project and revealing our preliminary layout for the cable park.

I'd appreciate having nwkite attend to show its support!

*** UPDATE ***

Hello all! I’m sure some of you may have heard rumors of an upcoming cable park in the Nichols Basin. Well, the rumors are true and after months of planning I’m excited to finally announce it!

In the coming months we’ll be holding several public meetings in Hood River to gather input on the cable park and our project from the community. I hope to meet some nwkiters there. In the meantime, feel free to ask me about anything related to the Nichols Basin and the cable park.

Undoubtedly, access to the spit will be impacted briefly during construction. However I think everyone will really enjoy the improved, pedestrian-friendly streetscape and other improvements we’re making.

In short, we’re building:

- An 85+ room Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel
- A gastro-pub with a large deck overlooking the water
- A watersports retailer / pro-shop
- Office space
- The cable park

Construction will start next spring and take about 12 months to complete the project.

We’re committed to being as transparent as possible and listening to the community and other waterfront users.

thedoubleupkid 08-18-2011 9:28 AM

Notice the cable park is last.... but still I'm hoping this happens. "Gathering input" sounds like the pre-pre-pre-planning stage.

stuey 08-18-2011 5:07 PM

Finally! Was wondering when there would be something in the pac NW considering the scene is pretty big in OR and WA. Still a 5.5 hour drive from home but worth a few weekend trips for sure!!!

spencerwm 08-19-2011 8:50 AM

This is exciting. I would drive to Hood River weekly to hit that up.

bcrider 08-19-2011 9:29 AM

Stuey, I'll make the roadtrip down with ya.

stuey 08-19-2011 10:52 AM

Done... well its still gonna be summer of 2013 by the sounds of it. I'm someone has gotta be in the works for something in Washington but hasn't released anything yet. Someone should just turn Hatzik into a cable park haha..

Gonna try and make a trip to Desert Wake once their full 6 tower cable is done. Pretty cheap flights out of bellingham

bcrider 08-19-2011 11:16 AM

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Stuey. Albert Dyck park in Abbotsford would be the best location. I have already figured out you could put a full cable plus a couple Sesitec 2.0's on the end or another full cable. When the Pro Tour came to BC this was the lake before it went to Kelowna. The lake is 15' or more below the surrounding land so it's protected from wind. Currently the lake is being used by the Abbotsford waterski club. They lease it from the city.

bcrider 08-19-2011 4:00 PM

Sorry for the threadjack everyone.

It's not up to the local ski club. The city owns the land as it is a park currently but the club leases the lake and a small part of the property for out buildings.

Oh, and from what I have heard the ski club is fairly anti wakeboarding. More slalom, trick, and jumping.

LW 01-04-2012 8:18 AM

Bad site, Water can change over 30 ft and can get too shallow to ride in the main part of the riding area. Club provides free wakeboarding to Disabled riders and free equipment use to kids wnating to learn at $10 a lesson. Overall it is better use for what it is now.

Cisco 01-04-2012 7:55 PM

" if a cable park is not included in the development, financing for the entire project could fall through and the hotel project would not proceed on the current schedule"


Hood River definitely has the right location for a cable in terms of population, interstates and climate. For evidence on maps, click below


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