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kylepower8 08-17-2011 7:06 PM

Help me find this handle?
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I've been using this handle for a while now. It's a girls Ronix handle and I love it because its small in diameter and is real cushy. It's tore up down to the carbon fiber in the middle. I want to get a new one but can't find one. Does anyone know a site that still has one? or should I contact Ronix?

calexan 08-17-2011 7:34 PM

I looked at the 09 and 10 Catalog and the only thing close to that was the Womens Prestige handle. Dont know if they had one in 08, but it wasnt in the JPEG file for 08. While its not an exact match both the 09 and 10 Prestige look very similar and say it has the narrow diameter. No idea what they had in 07...

e_rock32 08-17-2011 7:36 PM

It's called Google my friend... haha

Well the handle is called the Moanna I guess

kylepower8 08-17-2011 8:04 PM

Thanks man! haha i tried googling it but couldn't find it

gmarkham1 08-18-2011 5:17 PM

There is a bunch of those on ebay...
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