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tuneman 08-16-2011 7:33 AM

10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open - Roll Call
Who's headed to the 10,000 Lakes Wakesurf Open this coming weekend on Long Lake in the town of Long Lake, Minnesota?

Looking like it's gonna be a great event. Lots of pro riders and cash prizes. There's a meet and greet this Thursday at Marine Max-Wayzata and the event is Friday and Saturday from about 8am to 3pm or so.

I'll be there on Saturday, under the red tent, peddling stuff for my business, WakeSkiShop. Stop by and say hi. I'll have Several boards from Triple X and Inland Surfer, and other wakesurf stuff, that you can check out and/or purchase.


08-17-2011 7:17 AM

Gonna be sick...Riding starts at 9:30 each day with rider meetings at 9. After party at Birches both days.

RayRay 08-19-2011 7:55 PM

Great first day at the 10K wakes comp, thanks everyone. Looking forward to tomorrow! :)

tuneman 08-24-2011 7:59 AM

Congrats to Grant for winning the amature division. Anybody have the full results or pics?? I know Ryan was there taking a lot of pics....

08-25-2011 12:23 PM

Winners - Keenan Pro Surf and Skim - Killed it, I can not believe a 360 shuv on a surf board is possible
Dom,Sean,James and Brian all killed it for podium spots.
- Ashley Kidd Pro Surf
- Jaqualine Fort Pro Skim
-Frankie Jost Junior
-Scott Culp Masters
Check the facebook page for pictures. Shout out to Ryan Taylor for the first couple pictures on the site.

ragboy 08-25-2011 2:33 PM

Oh man, 360 shuv, I would love to see that, did you guys get any video? I almost think a 180 shuv may be tougher. Easier to spin the board but harder to ride it out. Smart going for the full 360, sounds pretty amazing.

Does worlds allow being entered in both?

RayRay 08-25-2011 9:32 PM

Men Am Skim - Andy Weigman
Men Am Surf - Myself

You can only ride in one division at worlds. I want to see video of that surf shuv myself. Great contest by the way, thanks to Casey, Chris Bank, Nine Lives, and everyone else that was involved. It was a great event and cant wait till next year.

tuneman 08-26-2011 7:18 AM

If the stars align just enough to get a boat again for next year, I'll be in. So, Grant, better paractice up. I'm comin' to take you down:p

riverrunner 08-26-2011 1:06 PM

Have the complete results been published?

08-26-2011 2:55 PM

Stil trying to get everything back together after a great, but very long weekend. Will post them on the facebook soon.

RayRay 08-27-2011 7:39 AM


Originally Posted by tuneman (Post 1704476)
If the stars align just enough to get a boat again for next year, I'll be in. So, Grant, better paractice up. I'm comin' to take you down:p

Bring it :D

RayRay 09-02-2011 9:10 PM


Open Men Skim
1 -Keenan Flegel
2 – Dominic Lagace
3 – Sean Cummings

Open Women Skim
1 – Jaqueline Fort
2 – Stacia Bank
3 – Meredith Kurysh

Open Women Surf
1 – Ashley Kidd
2 – Stacia Bank
3 – Jaqueline Fort

Am Women
1 – Vanessa Gonzalez
2 – McKenzie Turk
3 – Jill Obele

Open Men Surf
1 – Keenan Fleigel
2 – James Walker
3 – Brian Baker

Am Men Skim
1 – Andy Weigman
2 – Nick Davis
3 – Chris Trimner

Am Men Surf
1 – Grant Raykowski
2 – Chris Bank
3 – Fork Chupik

1 – Scott Culp
2 – Chad Woolson
3 – Bill Wolfson

1 – Frankie Jost

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