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pesos 08-14-2011 7:45 PM

Oh Fox...
Still going strong lol


08-14-2011 9:04 PM

Can you point to the part where they are saying something wrong? If Bush did not serve caviar, the press would be calling him a hick. Are we going to start this crap again?

bflat53212 08-15-2011 8:30 AM

I love this comment under the article:


yes,for it's Industry,h*e is just connecting with everybody didn't Bush do it with his kind,Obama love's everybody.
lol...did this person really just say

Obama love's everybody
. If there is one thing I have learned from Obama's prescedency, he definitely is not a uniter or somebody who loves everybody.

Laker1234 08-15-2011 8:53 AM

He's just after the young voter. I don't see anything offensive about the article.

grant_west 08-15-2011 2:31 PM


Keep it up. YEA a star studded Bday bash at the white house. If I was the Prez I would be trying to keep a low profile. Cant wait to see the popin bottles celebrating when his Azzz is down the road.

ottog1979 08-15-2011 3:01 PM


Oh Fox
Oh please...

digg311 08-16-2011 10:21 AM

Fair and balanced... that's for sure. Not a hint of an agenda in this story at all.

fly135 08-16-2011 12:47 PM


This is the network that sued to assert it's Constitutional right to lie...

ottog1979 08-16-2011 5:47 PM

John & Wes, fair enough. But have you read Newsweek, LA or NY Times, or watched CNN, MSNBC, etc. lately? Walter Cronkite's opinions lately or Dan Rather in his day. Not exactly in the middle. Fact is, something like 80% + of journalists are Democrats or left. Certainly even a greater percentage of journalism students are left of center. Balanced? I doubt it. Mirroring the general public? Nope. This left a wide opening for FOX and it's viewership proves it.

Polarization of news is a shame and disgrace for journalism. But singling out FOX as if it's the only one not in the center... yeah, right.

digg311 08-16-2011 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by ottog1979 (Post 1701962)
Polarization of news is a shame and disgrace for journalism. But singling out FOX as if it's the only one not in the center... yeah, right.

Except that they specifically represent themselves as "Fair and Balanced". Those are their words. Statements like that and "We report. You decide." are what make their particular brand of partisan "reporting" so hard to stomach.

fly135 08-17-2011 8:59 AM

Fox set the standard for puppet mastering the public and raking in the bucks. The other networks are just wannabees. When money is involved there are no shortage of corporations who aspire to the lowest form of existance. It's their duty to their stockholders.:rolleyes:

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