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jdhart73 08-14-2011 3:27 PM

And still another wakeboard help thread!
Trying to advance my skills in the wakeboard area and have a feeling I need a different board than what I am riding. I am 6' 200lbs and riding a 142 Ronix Arcade. The board is not forgiving at all and quick to dig an edge in and make you think twice about going again. Are there any suggestions for boards that will carry me through to intermediate status? I am just starting to practice W2W jumps and surface tricks and feel my board may be hurting me a bit, could just be me though?

So from what I gather on here I need a continuos rocker board? Can anyone tell me of some 2010 or 2011 models that would suit me well, along with some binding thoughts. Preferably bindings that may fit a variety of feet from 10-12 size since my teens ride as well!

Thanks so much!

irishrider92 08-14-2011 4:14 PM

It might just be you. Most riding and faults are down to rider error. No doubt a sharper edge will make it easier to catch an edge but if you're wondering about it hindering progression, I doubt that.

That being said, if you're adamant you want to change board you might do well looking at the Bill. Considering the Arcade was a kind of scaled-down Bill it could be a good choice. It also has more rounded edges and is a great board to ride. I demo-ed it and loved it. Not really a board you have to get used to riding, and I couldn't find any faults with it. I ended up going for a phoenix though cos personally I liked flex more and found that it tracked better, but that was because it is a slower board.

For bindings what are you looking for? Stiff or flexy? Velcro or laces?

jdhart73 08-14-2011 4:30 PM

Thanks for the response Brian. The bindings that are currently on the board are an open toe lace style.
I am just getting into wakeboarding really, I wakesurf a lot and snowboard in the winter.
I just want something fairly forgiving that I can advance on for a year or two. I plan on taking a clinic as well down in Texas for 3 or 4 days so I am sure that will
only help me.


irishrider92 08-15-2011 4:52 AM

Yeah well the Bill is Errington's board so no risk of it holding you back. For bindings you'll probably want to go open toe again seeing as a couple of people use the board. Closed toe are more custom especially now with the moldable liners. I'd suggest going for a pair of Kai OT. They're a kinda stiff boot but that means they'll be more responsive

cwb4me 08-15-2011 7:04 AM

In the CWB line the Faction,Pure and Marius are good boards.Liquid Force has the Witness,Watson,S4 and the Trip.Hyperlite has the B-SIDE,Franchise,Murray and state.Ronix has the Viva,One and Bill.There are others but these boards will give you plenty of choices.As for length 139 to 143cm is the range.If you post a video i may be able to help you. Just post it on T.O. as that crew is more forgiving.

brett33 08-15-2011 7:24 AM

Rode a buddy's 2011 Harley 139 with the 2011 Sovens this weekend, fell in love. I'm 6'0 200lbs

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