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ragboy 08-13-2011 4:02 PM

Todd's Stand Up 720
So we have finished posting all of the HD videos of the 2011 NWWSA Open. Lots of videos. But its funny, the most exciting part of the event wasn't Keenan's run or the Surf Final runs to see who won. Those were great, don't get me wrong. For me and RJ the most exciting part of the event was Amateur Male and Todd's stand up 720. He attempted it at least 2x during his run and failed. Everyone was rooting for him and knew he would try it in the warning track of his final pass. Whitney and I were on the mic and were announcing he was trying for the 720 and so almost the entire beach was huddled in the RockStar tent with the big screen TV or behind Whitney and I watching on our smaller TV.

Then he comes into the warning track and everyone is tense with anticipation, and he NAILS it, and nails it clean. He then went into a series of fist pumps and well earned pelvic thrusts. The jet ski came to pick him up and he had the ski get him up and rode into shore. The ski whipped him into shore and Todd through in the rope and held up his arms in glory, and the beach gave it to him.

I wish I had that part on video to show. I say all that to let you know, when you miss these grass roots events, you miss a lot. The West Coast Open, NWWSA Open, Wake the Desert... I am sure their are more, those are just the ones I have been involved in this year. Get out to one of these grass roots events, I believe there is one coming up in Minnesota and enter a division and surf your heart out. You won't regret it. Who knows, maybe you will do good enough, get the bug and then fly to every contest and try your shot at Worlds. Ask Chris Wolter, that's what happened to him...

wake9whit 08-13-2011 5:21 PM

I was there, it happened. (:

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