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Andy_Elliott 08-11-2011 5:56 PM

full moon wakeboarding
thinking about doing it tonight. good idea? bad idea? pros? cons? anyone ever done it? reasons for not doing it? let me know! yeeehawww!!!!!

hyperlite_boards 08-11-2011 6:04 PM

i know a guy who plans on doing the same thing but barefoot skiing...pretty sure it's illegal

cadunkle 08-11-2011 6:31 PM

Personally I wouldn't, not because it's illegal because there are stupid laws all over the books, but rather because I wouldn't be comfortable doing it. Where I ride there can be lots of debris in the river in size ranging from small stuff to railroad ties and telephone poles, uprooted trees if there was big storms, etc. It can be hard enough in the day to avoid that stuff, at night it's asking for either an insurance claim or an injury. I'd also be worried about seeing my rider when coming back around.

If you do it, be safe with lighting, have a spotlight or two on the boat and I'd suggest the rider wear some of those chemical glowing rings around the neck and wrists, on vest, or wherever so he's visible in the water.

I've rode quite a few times until sunset and pushed it just a bit past, but there was still some light to see. Completely at night is too risky for me.

jetskiprosx 08-11-2011 9:20 PM

If it's legal (or if you know you won't get caught) go for it. Attach flow sticks/rings to your vests, know the water you're on, and have fun.

501s 08-11-2011 10:00 PM

We do it all the time. Don't expect to throw all your best tricks because, well, you can't see very good, but on a moonlit night on glass water, it is an amazing feeling. Glow sticks are great as are VESTS! Have fun.

jps912 08-12-2011 6:22 AM

For sure glow sticks on the vest and it would be sweet to see them on the tip and tail of the board. On the board is only for show not functionality. Also throw one on the handle so you can find it in the water. Spot lights make it hard for the driver to see you because of the glare of the water and the gel coat but it would be good to keep one on board.

andy_nintzel 08-12-2011 8:44 AM

I have done it before! fairly cool, impossible to see the wake and spot your landing, riding totally on feel. GLOW STICKS all the way, I would attach a few to the rider, and at least one to your board. We have done a bunch of Midnight barefooting and surfing as well. IT really helps if you have some tower lights that you can at least flip on once the rider falls!

andy_nintzel 08-12-2011 8:45 AM

I forgot to mention the BUGS! The one thing that is horrible at least in Minnesota at night is the bugs over the lake! be prepare to get sandblasted by them!

brett33 08-12-2011 9:04 AM

you will defiantly be riding blind and completely on feel. lights are always a plus, but like andy said bugs are a pain. wearing vests and knowing youre not going to be going huge helps as well. I wish GoPro had night vision..

behindtheboat 08-12-2011 1:32 PM

you better know the water and the patrol tendencies better than the back of your hand if you're considering it. Legal or not (doubt it is), they're going to question what you're doing. I knew both these things, and did it.

sasky_rider 08-15-2011 4:31 PM

I've gone night surfing for the first time just this last week... was out with a couple buddies and we wakeboarded right till dark... i thought we'd just cruise back as he has 4 lights forwards and 4 back, but we dumped 1/2 the ballast and threw the lights on and surfed all the way back... it was a blast and his lights throw enough that i'd wakeboard for sure on a moonlight night! As for doing it without lights.... meh don't think i'd do it. Maybe when i was 20 and was made of rubber but not now... lol

ilikebeaverandboats 08-15-2011 4:50 PM

We surf on full moon nights all the time. I always keep some glow sticks in the boat just for that. (plus they look awesome and everyone loves them all over the boat at night) Just make sure you go in an area you are very familiar with, bring a big spot light just in case, and be careful! Not the greatest vid, but check it out.http://vimeo.com/13942432

Its the most fun, in my opinion, to ride with just the under water LED's on. As a driver, its much more difficult to see with the tower lights on. but this could just be how our boat is layed out.

corporalkickass 08-26-2011 11:57 PM

we are the FULL MOON PLATOON--6 of us who don't miss full moon riding sessions. northern cali mostly, along with adventures to lake powell specifically for summer's full moon runs...EPIC doesn't do it justice.
use reflective tape on the boards, a glow-in-the-dark rope/handle, a terrific spotter, & obviously be safe. it's a fantastic experience, but ya gotta be prepared & trust those you're with. it's not for the lighthearted. good luck & safe riding!

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