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dougr 08-08-2011 2:32 PM

help with shred stixx fins
I just got a new custom hazen 4'11 I had it made for my weight etc . I am 235 6'4 and have many other boards, i have a sac'd 09 enzo, the board feels great, but slow. Now maybe its me, but i am running the future fins on the board and even when working, pumping etc, it seams slow. It is suppose to fit my weight, am i too fat, is it the fins, What gives. I really want to work this out. Any help would be great.

duffymahoney 08-08-2011 4:38 PM

Watch a video of chase hazen pumping and try and mimic that. It takes some time to really feel out the board and speed. Pumping is something you need to learn. What board are you used to?

dougr 08-09-2011 3:57 PM

i have a swallow, phase 5 oogle, had a is yellow, i few junkers ronix koal, been riding a sweet spot, I have road many others, never a shred stixx. I can ride just about anything, but i am not sure if its the style of fin

22vdrive 08-09-2011 4:05 PM

Give the board some time. I had the same problem whenever I started riding it. I couldn't figure it out and I was on the verge of selling it but now the board is an absolute speed machine.

ragboy 08-09-2011 4:21 PM

RJ is about 5'11" and 160 lbs. He rode on Chris Kinsey's 4'6" custom elevation and felt the same thing, couldn't ride it. Then he got on the 4'8" inch board of Alec Wood and loved it. You also def need to ride it different like Duffy said. Watch how chase, chris, alec drive to the front as they get air and stuff, they butter the board, as opposed to how James Walker gets air where he pops to top of wake and then down with a small bottom turn and launches. You have to ride that board more like how chase and co ride it.

That said, if you are towards the back of the wake, you should be able to put weight on your front foot and catch up fairly fast. If you can't do that you may be too big, post some video. You are also VERY tall, does it help if you narrow your stance a bit? Sometimes taller people have such a wide stance when they put weight on the front foot it can make the board pearl a lot easier, or start to pearl which keeps you back foot heavy. Sometimes if you get your front foot back a bit behind the nose rocker, it can help that.

SlimJim is about your size, he may be able to help. I don't think he ever really felt comfortable on the SS elevation. Different boards for different people.

Here is RJ enjoying Alec's board for the first time. He has one coming for him, ordered for his 16th bday which is on the 15th. Should be here soon.


ragboy 08-09-2011 5:09 PM

So RJ and T-Bone are off at a camping trip til tomorrow, and Amy took Jesse and Maddie to the dentist all day and shopping. Ashley and Whitney have moved out. I am done with my meetings today and like totally alone. That never happens to me. So I went and watched the video of the session where that picture above is from. Because RJ only told me about it, I never watched him on that board. Watching him surf so much, I know what he is thinking while surfing, kinda funny. Watching the video, the Flyboy or TWP Signature model are definitely faster down the line. The SS is slower down the line, but the quad fins give him lots of drive. I watched both him and Alec and Chris K are able to stand on the board and propel forward without driving, but its not nearly as fast as the FB and WSM down the line. But when RJ got used to it and used the fins to drive to accelerate, he was having a blast and getting good air. You can also see RJ with as much ease as he did on the flyboy in the beginning, but then got used to the board and was slashing away.

I hope that helps, eventually I will get to posting that video. Its a session we filmed in 3D of Chris K, Alec Wood, Jaq Fulford, Chris Martinez, and RJ. I bet if you look through the polar bear videos you can find SlimJim riding various boards.

Here is a couple pics of him, he is built just like you.

IMG_1010 by wake9, on Flickr

IMG_1025 by wake9, on Flickr

dougr 08-09-2011 7:35 PM

thanks everyone, i will play with it and get some time on it

ReSession 08-16-2011 3:41 PM

Doug, even though I'm much lighter and ride the 4.8, Chase gave me 2 suggestions that may help you out when riding - try widening your stance, almost with your front foot to the front line of the second section of the traction pad...a narrow stance is only going to slow you down. Also, in the event you fall back in the wave, simply step your back foot forward to the front of the back traction mat, or even to the center of the board where there's no traction pad. This will help you speed back up quickly and makes pumping a bit easier. I'm not experienced with giving advice to bigger guys but it's worth a shot!

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