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hypermike 08-08-2011 11:50 AM

what's the verdict on the IS 3deg fins
I ride a IS swallow. I was thinking about getting the 3deg or the big boy fins. What fin setup does everyone run on their board? What would ether fin do to the way the board rides?

wakemitch 08-08-2011 12:13 PM

The Big Boys will give you more down the line speed. If you just want to lean forward and go they are the way to go.

The new 3 degree fins will cause less down the line speed because of the added drag, but they will make your board have more drive and be more responsive. the 3 Degree fins are like what you see on board like shred stixx and walker project boards, they have cant and toe in, which is a first for inland surfer. This creates much more drive when you pump the board. They will help your rail to rail response and you will get more out of each pump so it sets up for airs better.

TheSqueakyWheel 08-08-2011 1:00 PM

What Mitch said....

I put 3deg on my v2Swallow. On the advice of Lance from IS, I also switched the inner burp fins for pranksters which are also canted.
I can't say I notice much loss of down the line speed (the swallow is a rocket), but I definitely feel more drive into the wake and quicker engaging turns in the flats.

silverlude 08-08-2011 6:18 PM

Great info guys. I have the Swallow and have been thinking about same issue and this is great info. I will put it to use on mine. Tks. (this is why I like this site)

CobraRob 08-08-2011 11:58 PM

Have a Swallow V2 as well, right now we have stock fins on outer holes. Was wondering what moving them to inner or getting different ones would do.


TheSqueakyWheel 08-09-2011 5:38 AM

another option is the new flyboy fins. I believe they are 5deg and as long as the XL. I suspect they require more oooomph than my spindly 165 lb pound can muster

hypermike 08-09-2011 1:56 PM

Hey Mitch what have heard about the 5deg fins? with the 5deg fins being longer like the big boys and having 5deg, will they give you both drive and down the line speed? Do the 5deg fins have 5deg toe and cant

wakemitch 08-09-2011 2:11 PM

The 5 degree fins are even longer than the Big Boys. They are the fastest of the inland fins. They create so much drive and are still able to be broken free. They are the same shaped fins that James Walker has been using for a few years now and he can spin with them like they arent even there.
But again, they arent designed for straight behind the boat riding. They are meant to pump and carve.
Yes they have toe and cant.

hypermike 08-09-2011 3:50 PM

Thanks Mitch, looks like I'll be ordeing some fins.

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