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kikitlo 08-07-2011 11:29 AM

Wakeboard Question
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My neighbor gave me a wakeboard yesterday brand new in the wrapper. He works as a recruiter. My question is this board even rideable? It has the binding mounts but it does not really have fins. Also what type of board is it?


greenbass86 08-07-2011 1:02 PM

I can tell you that you don't need fins to ride, but I don't know the brand or model board that it is.

hawkeye7708 08-07-2011 2:21 PM

The board is totally rideable! Without a doubt! Shred that baby up! Representing for the Armed Services! Boom!

Kane 08-12-2011 11:05 AM

The inserts look very close together, I have no idea who made it, I've never seen that shape before......

chillinoj 08-12-2011 11:48 AM

Yeah never have seen a board like that before, but defiantly should be rideable

sexyws6mama 08-13-2011 7:39 AM

no clue what brand but i love the graphics and colors. You don't need fins to ride. Instead focus on learning how to edge without them. IMO makes you a better rider.

joeshmoe 08-13-2011 4:31 PM

ok, who would join the marines to get a free wakeboard?

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