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tommyadrian5 08-18-2003 6:43 AM

I have a 99 MC sporstar(same as 2000 x-5), i am currently running 1200 lbs in side sacs. At 18.5 mph the wake is nice, big and rampy, but i like riding at a higher speed, around 21-22, at which point the wake flattens out a bit. I assume this is due to my lack of weight in the rear(so once the boat hits 20-21 the rear end lifts up out of the water too much). I want to add as much weight as i can to the rear trunk of this boat, however i do not know what the most efficient way of doing this is. I can only use water as i'm already over the tow limit on my car as is. Does anybody have a 2000 x-5 or 1998 prostar with weight in the trunk. I am wondering what i can fit in there sac wise, it isn't that big an area due to the gas tank at the back of it. I was thinking of trying to wedge a ski locker sac in there. I don't think a full fat sac would work(too wide). Anybody know of anything else, other than a custom sac.

wakeboarddad 08-18-2003 7:03 AM

We use a 500lb. sac from LetsGoRide in the trunk, and just fill it up as much as possible. You can't fill it all the way up, but it seems to make a big difference. Almost the same boat.

jlm 08-18-2003 7:37 AM

I run a fatseat in the back with one full size sac in front of the motorbox. It covers the floor cooler but makes a decent wake. (98 PS 190)

tommyadrian5 08-18-2003 7:57 AM

Yea i'm figuring on just getting one of the 20"x50" coverless(since nothing will be on top of it, and it won't be filled all the way, and nobody will step on it) and filling it as much as possible. Alot of companies make this and i think it will work alright, hopefully i can get 4 or 500 lbs of additional weight from it and slide my 1200 lbs of side sacs forward a little to balance it out. I thought about the Launch Pad 350Lb locker/bow sac, which i think i could fully fill in the trunk, but i'd rather get as much weight from an almost filled 5 or 600 lb sac than just 350 lbs max. I don't want a fatseat i ride with a fairly large crew most of the time and that would really take away from the floor space on the boat. <BR>Thanks for all your help.

hk_usp_45 08-20-2003 1:00 AM

get a fat seat and fill it up with 1200 lbs!!! <BR>works great on mine. <BR>later.........

boardjockey 08-20-2003 4:40 AM

Hey Tom, <BR> <BR>How's your buddies knee? ACL? <BR> <BR>I've got an extra 600lb sac you can borrow. that should sinked the stern some. <BR> <BR>Later, <BR> <BR>Rick

tommyadrian5 08-20-2003 5:25 AM

Awesome good to hear rick, will you be out this weekend? I think he just sprained it, i talked to him on monday and he said it was sore but nothing terrible.

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