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steady902 08-03-2011 9:24 PM

south jersey
yo guys just seein if anyone is goin out this weekend near forked river. im goin to be down at my dads and would be down for gettin up early to shred a lil. so if anyone is goin out at all n need a 3rd im down ill throw some cash n bring some beers

cadunkle 08-04-2011 6:01 AM

I might be getting out this weekend depending on the weather, but I'm on the other side of the state. I usually ride Rancocas Creek. I think there are a few guys who ride by the shore that might chime in.

steady902 08-04-2011 4:35 PM

oh nice is rancocas creek a good spot and are there places to camp around there?

cadunkle 08-04-2011 8:08 PM

There's three good stretches of water to ride on the creek. Even if it's a little breezy you can usually find at least one that's decent, though there are a lot of no wakes between them. Pretty well sheltered from an north or south wind. Farther back where it's more sheltered gets really shallow at low tide... I've been known to ride in 2'-3' of water. I wouldn't hold your breathe on camping. There's a smaller wooded area at the mouth of the creek off the Delaware that I wouldn't mind camping at but as it's NJ you never know what's legal or not.

Weather looks bad for this weekend but tides are favorable for the morning. Sat morning looks good though, no rain until afternoon with the current forecast. If you want to hit Rancocas either this weekend or any time let me know. I don't have a crew together for this weekend but can try to get some people together if you got nothing down the shore and want to ride.

steady902 08-05-2011 8:12 AM

aight man sounds good thanks alot for the offer.

steady902 09-01-2011 4:03 AM

How far r u from forked river n Lacey nj

cadunkle 09-01-2011 6:02 AM

Probably a bit over an hour, that's on the other side of the state by the shore. There's still some extra water from Irene but debris doesn't look as bad as expected so I might try to get out this weekend.

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