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norwalkbeast 08-03-2011 7:58 AM

Who has gone to Breck over Thanksgiving before? Is it extremely packed or are there usually enough runs open that it isn't that bad? Are you also able to get any deals on lift tickets?

Shooter 08-03-2011 8:51 AM

It is too hard to tell. The website says November 11 is their planned open day, but that depends on mother nature. It could be epic,but more than likely it will be man made on a few runs at best with a large holiday crowd. I seriously doubt you will get any deals for a holiday weekend. I avoid riding during the holidays.

denverlove 08-04-2011 9:56 AM

It is pre-peak season, so tickets are cheaper than normal anyway.

November is so early, we usually do not have great snow by then (unless like Shooter says, mother nature is nice to us). So usually man-made runs, families and kids on Thanksgiving break bombarding the mountain.

It's fun nonetheless. You may want to look at trying a quieter mountain like Loveland or A-Basin. Loveland, especially, usually gets the best snow early season.

Shooter 08-04-2011 10:31 AM

+ 1 for Loveland. I think they opened late October last season (weeks before Breckinridge). I would even go to Vail before Breckinridge for thanksgiving.

LowPressure 08-10-2011 12:14 PM

Thanksgiving is a crap shoot anywhere! The biggest problem with Breck , is the Epic pass and close proximity to Denver. They sell a butt load of cheap passes to the masses.

Your best bet would be some place like Grand Targhee or Wolf Creek. Places that get a lot of natural snow and don't have large population centers close by.

mtnsun 08-11-2011 11:09 AM

Colorado Winters are no good... We never get snow.... I would go someplace else if I were you! :D

dvsone79 12-22-2012 7:36 AM

Lol @ mtnsun! That's what I told people when I lived there! And whatever you do, don't ever go to Copper Mtn. It's not convenient at all, and its always crowded.

jperkinsttu 12-22-2012 8:36 PM

I went two weeks ago and had a blast. Snowed a lot while I was there and quite a bit sense but heard that before I went it was pretty scarce.

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