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wofrankwo 08-03-2011 1:29 AM

My NWWSA Pics: The Big Table!!
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i only took about 10 pictures the entire weekend ...... but a couple became classics!!

first picture was not a classic but has the three California Marine Sports Sponsored Riders:

Brian Baker and James Walker and Chris Wolter

wofrankwo 08-03-2011 1:37 AM

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this next picture became an instant classic: Brian Baker and James Walker and Chris Wolter and Keenan Flegel hoisting Ashley Kidd over their heads!! except Chris couldn't find a place to help hold ...... and we are still wondering what exactly Chris was " Looking At " !!

wofrankwo 08-03-2011 1:54 AM

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friday night at dinner smoking a good cigar became a topic of conversation ....... and if you know robert at all ...... he went out saturday night and purchased a box of some really good and fat cigars to smoke after the competition ....... for a job well done!!

here is a picture of what i call the Big Table ...... surrounded by astute cigar smokers ...... Alec Wood, Chase Hazen, Dennis Horton .... at the head of the table Robert Garcia ..... Chris Kinsey Sr., Chris Kinsey Jr, and Daryll Wood ...... not pictured but still Big Tabler's Amy Garcia, Whitney Garcia, and RJ Garcia. Chris Wolter was allowed this once and he sat with me at The Little Table!! After an hour of Celebrating the Awesome Event " Garcia Style " we all went to dinner together!!

Was a trully awesome ending to an awesome weekend with alot of awesome people!!

timmyb 08-03-2011 9:41 AM

NIce pics! Sooo many photoshop opps with that big table picture! :D

ragboy 08-03-2011 11:50 AM

LOL. I smoke about 10 cigars a year. I love a great cigar but the moment has to be perfect. This was perfect. Weather was cool, calm, and we were all celebrating a great event and a job well done. I took off the wrapper and saved it, and I will put it in my cigar scrapbook to commemorate the occasion. That was a great memory, and will most likely become a tradition. I am guessing we will have to do this after the west coast open as well. I will be prepared this time and bring some great cigars but not so expensive so more can join. 18+ of course.

wake9whit 08-03-2011 1:21 PM

Great night fo sho!! :)

ragboy 08-03-2011 1:40 PM

You were supposed to say, "True Story".

wake9whit 08-03-2011 10:11 PM

I'll do what I want when I want...now that's a true story :P I love you even on this thread! In fact I love you on all threads.

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