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mxvet 08-01-2011 8:32 PM

Yet another "Which board should I get" thread
Looking for opinions - I currently have a 2011 Ronix Koal 4.9. Its a decent carver and fast, but sometimes the nose plows. Looking for a board that's loose and I can do more tricks on, spins and air. I'm 6'2 ~185 lbs. Surfing behind 21' MB Sports TWB - decent surf wake.

Found a great deal on 2010 Liquid force custom 4'2 -- too short?

johnboyy7 08-02-2011 7:47 AM

that is what i currently ride. im 5'10 185. i have no problem at all on it. although im about to pick up a flyboy. the custom is good for spins but not air,,, no speed.

jfd 08-02-2011 10:22 AM

I'M 6', 185, surfing a wakesetter vtx with a good wake, not oversize and I ride an inland surfer Keenan Flegel pro model....Best board i've ever riden!

mxvet 08-02-2011 3:19 PM

inland surfer Keenan Flegel pro model - thats the 4'2 skim model right?

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