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Coolhandsluke 08-01-2011 1:25 PM

Womens motocross is hilarious

eubanks01 08-01-2011 1:27 PM

True, but the guy's were having a rough time as well.

Coolhandsluke 08-01-2011 1:32 PM

I actually didnít get to watch it. Just saw this clip on another site and literally spewed my water over my monitor from laughing. Thought I would share.

pierce_bronkite 08-01-2011 2:11 PM

While Endurocross is definitely hard, Im surprised these are the candidates for X-Games?

jarrod 08-01-2011 2:13 PM

wow. Looks like it was their first time. That stuff didn't look all that hard.

wakereviews 08-01-2011 2:37 PM

damn, double post.... that had me crying. I watched it 4 times. I didn't see the guys either just the clip but that is hilarious.

migs 08-01-2011 3:24 PM

nice "X" games going on there. X games turned into a JOKE!

Time for someone to open up a new games for "real" action sports again.
Skate, BMX, Wake, Surf

cadunkle 08-01-2011 4:11 PM

Now I'm no pro rider, but damn I'm embarrassed for them.

wakeboardertj 08-01-2011 7:02 PM

lmao at youtube comments "Ladies start your ovens"

so extreme

seattle 08-02-2011 6:15 AM

My kid and I watched that Sunday. I thought it was a joke at first but I soon realized they weren't kidding. X games folks should seriously reconsider this as an event.:eek:

brett33 08-02-2011 6:34 AM


Originally Posted by wakeboardertj (Post 1697556)
lmao at youtube comments "Ladies start your ovens"

haha that's awesome

hatepain 08-02-2011 9:58 AM

That was hilarious but it must be a lot harder than it looks.

bcrider 08-02-2011 10:30 AM

I watched the mens the other day and they weren't too much better. Tough Course. The ladies just don't have the muscle as much to move the bikes around or carry any speed over some of the obstacles.

brianmiller 08-02-2011 8:58 PM

Agree with ^^^^^^ I watched the girls and the guys and liked them both. I bet if anyone also watched the guys you would not be saying anything. The guys were eating Sh$t all over the place except they were going faster and falling harder. I think that first turn ate up half of the guys in all but the final moto when they figured it was better to back off instead of dive bombing that turn. I bet only a couple of them made it through the course with out falling.

eternalshadow 08-02-2011 11:42 PM

This sounds like it was one of the better heats and there's still bodies everywhere

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