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rodltg2 07-29-2011 9:13 AM

Well fargo Bank : POS
Recently we ( Chugggers )were a victim of a scam. Someone called in an order for some food for a big event. My kitchen staff took the order and a credit card payment of $2220. Of course we were all excited as we are a new restaurant and this big order would help us get some much needed items. So of course we rushed to buy product and used the rest of the money to buy some much needed things for the restaurant.

The next day the person who placed the order call back and said they needed a portion of the money western union to a delivery service. Of course this raised a red flag and I immediately went to my bank Wells Fargo and explained the situation. I also filed a report with the Rocklin Police Department. The problem now lied with the fact the we had already spent the money.

So Wells Fargo our merchant services credit card processing company started to withhold all our credit card batches last week. This became very difficult for us, as we operate on a daily basis and need cash flow to operate. I called their customer service and asked them if they could please only withhold a portion of it so we could operate. Of course Well Fargo refused and wanted to withhold all the batches until the debt was paid off.

Tuesday this week we finally sold enough to pay it off. Wednesday morning I woke up with a sigh of relief knowing that we finally had money in the bank .

I was quickly disappointed. I checked our account and we still had not received a dime. So I immediate called customer service ( of course got the run around for about 2 hours) and was informed that it was in their right to withhold the batches for another 5-7 or maybe more days. Itís now Friday, we need the money owed to us. I can't get anywhere on the phone and I juts keep getting the run around.

They have held thousands of dollars, basically an intrest free loan on behalf of Chuggers, and our local branch ( who happens to be in our same parking lot) who of course was so friendly to sign us up for our new business accounts, payroll services and credit card processing, could care less about us and rather see us suffer than release the funds due to us. Not to mention they were so gracious to also hit us with a bunch of fees totaling $365! I guess thatís more important to them, collect fees and lose a customer who processes over $12,000 a month in credit card transactions.

To this I vow! I am making in one of my goals in life to make it as hard as possible on our local branch and warn anyone against banking with Wells Fargo. They love and welcome you the first day you step in and say F$ck you every time after that!

psudy 07-29-2011 9:36 AM

Thats why you should never bank with a large institution. Go find a local bank, one that will be happy to have you as customers. They can usually do things cheaper than the big banks anyway.

And go pull your crap out of WF.

colorider 07-29-2011 9:54 AM

Superior financial.
Great service. Have been using them as my processor for 5 hrs.

Riteride 07-29-2011 9:55 AM

My sister is going to have Marcus Kim from the Galaria branch call you and give you some better support... Hope all works out...

guido 07-29-2011 10:27 AM

Nothing ever changes with the big banks. BofA screwed us, too. When we refi'd our home GMAC billed us for a payment that had already been paid (basically paid our mortgage twice that month). Because my wife has everything on autopay we overdrew on approx 40 items. They billed overdraft on a per item basis and accrued about $450 in fee's within the course of about 2 days. GMAC wouldn't do anything for us and the bank (whom we have a fair chunk of money with in mortgages and savings) didn't even want to hear it. I'm sure we could have gotten the money back somehow, but my wife was so stressed that we just dropped it.

It's super annoying though. They can basically make their own rules.

Sorry Rod.... I know how hard it is with a small business. Good luck with everything.

pesos 07-29-2011 12:38 PM

Hmm... BOFA was horrible and I finally moved us to Wells a few years ago. I have my mortgage personal and business all with them now and they have (for the most part) been very helpful and responsive. Hope it all works out.

rodltg2 07-29-2011 12:54 PM

They also, manage to F ' up our payroll often, once even issued a $1200 check to an employee who had been gone for over 2 months. Another time they claimed to have lost the my fax and were not able to issue a payroll on time. And just recently I had an employee accidently lose her paycheck. They were gracious to issue and new one, and even more gracious to hit me up for $40 processing fee!!!

I finally got somewhere with the credit card bathces today !! Turned out to be a computer glitch. They are going to wire me the funds owed to me this afternoon. But wait for it........ another fee for $50 for a wire transfer ughhhhh!!

bruizza 07-29-2011 12:56 PM

See if you can find a credit union. I have always had much better results with credit unions instead of big banks.

baitkiller 07-29-2011 1:40 PM

Big banks all suck but be prepared to move often. As soon as you get a nice little home town bank up and running well and black you will see a B of A or Wells Fargo sign out front. It has happened to me I don't know how many times. i never wait for the fall-out, just pull up stakes and move. Wachovia used to be pretty good around here, guess what? Fargo........

lizzyb 07-29-2011 2:10 PM

I hate Wells Fargo.. and B of A.. and most other large financial institutions. Good luck Rod.

On a side note.. why do you do payroll through Wells Fargo? Have you thought of trying a service like Paychex or ADP.. a service that specializes in payroll.. rather than just has it as a service on top of a million other things?

BCPMike0663 07-29-2011 2:13 PM

"Big banks all suck but be prepared to move often. As soon as you get a nice little home town bank up and running well and black you will see a B of A or Wells Fargo sign out front."

That is what keeps happening to our business. We will find a nice small local bank that will help us out because we do pretty good business. But after a few years they always seem to get swallowed up. I think it is like 3 banks in 5 years.

durty_curt 07-29-2011 2:40 PM

I feel pretty fortunate that I haven't had any ridiculous issues since banking (personal) with Chase for almost 10 years now. But even my father with his multi million dollar company has it banking thru a local bank. He says he enjoys the 1st class treatment of knowing they actually want and need your business. And the free golf he plays with the banks president.

rodltg2 07-29-2011 3:09 PM

Well basically it is what happened to this bank. When I first started personal banking with them , they were a small community bank, Placer Sierra. I kept banking there after the switch to WF, my family pulled chocks and I probably should have done the same.

phantom5815 07-29-2011 3:39 PM

The bigger institutions get the less friendly they become. Wachovia use to be our business banker and now since it's become WF, they have the worst customer service or shall I say lack of customer service.
We do have our payroll though WF since ADP kept screwing payroll every 2wks constantly for 7mos straight. Office manager was about to shoot every single person on monday mornings.
Initially WF gave us a personal payroll person, but when the transaction of changing all Wachovia's to WF, the personal banking stuff went away. A few minor hiccups at the start of our payroll periods, but no issues now at all and much friendlier Office manager.

meathead65 07-31-2011 2:32 PM

Rod, I was in a similar position a couple years back. When I started Sac Performance, we initially were with a large bank, and ran into the same issues with credit card batch delays and various other BS fess and such. I switched to my local branch office of Safe Credit Union for my daily banking, and use a CC processor that they recommended, since they don't actually do CC processing. It has been a much better relationship with Safe, if we have an issue we can pick up the phone and talk to someone who can actually make a decision and get a problem solved right then and there.

kstateskier 07-31-2011 7:39 PM

We use Paychex and they are not any better. $40 processing fee is pretty standard for a lost check. We push it on the employee though, as they are the one that lost the check. We use Merchant Link for CC processing, and from my experience are actually very good to work with. Not sure what scale they work with, as we process about a $70,000 a week in credit receipts per store.

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