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sid7 08-18-2003 6:50 AM

If anyone has some suggestions please let me know. I have a 1000lbs automatic fill ballast running on each side of the motor (d-drive) i have another 500 sac and some more weight i just dont know where to put it. My wake for wakeboarding is a little whimpy for my likin right now. Help!

jon_a 08-18-2003 12:48 PM

I weigh my '01 Mobius with a 375 lb bag in the rear locker, a 750 lb bag under the rear seat, and a 600 lb bag in the bow of the boat. It kicks up a pretty nice wake. With your setup, I would run your stock ballast plus a 600 lb sack in the bow and maybe a smaller 250 lb sack under the rear seat or rear storage.

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