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surfdad 07-28-2011 7:21 PM

NWWSA Pictures (community)
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Anyone that's up here on Sammamish, feel free to post pictures. Today was mostly meet and greet we had a generous offer from Chris Martinez (you rock Chris!) but wound up with the Inland Folks.

This is such a beautiful area, lush with trees and wildlife. In the pictures below you might THINK that's a flock of ducks, but it would appear to be lunch! :)

surfdad 07-28-2011 7:23 PM

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One last one - don't you just hate PWC's that try and jump your wake, when you have a rider out! :)

ragboy 07-29-2011 1:46 PM

We are broadcasting practice runs now, helping us work out any kinks, all looks great, let me know what you think.

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surfdad 07-29-2011 4:09 PM

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Practice and demo's today and there is a no host dinner and short judges meeting at the Issaquah Brewhouse (sp?). There is an Exile stereo float-in/tie up over the weekend, you can seen Majestic's Tige in one of these pictures with his Exile stereo system. I'm not sure excatly what they are doing, but I guess all of the boats will have there systems wired together?!

tmill 07-29-2011 10:21 PM

they wont be "wiring" the boats together they will be listening to the same "radio" station ;)

duffymahoney 07-30-2011 9:46 AM

How was the new enzo wave?

surfdad 07-30-2011 6:23 PM

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It would be hard to judge it accurately at this event Duffy. They have a photographer on the swim deck and he moves around quite a bit...when he is leaning over the down side, the wake is really steep, when he is sitting in the middle...not so much. The Men's open went in the afternoon at the height of all the boat traffic, so mostly all you saw was roller after roller.

It would be nice to give it a try weighted well in decent water. I landed 1 360, so it can't be all bad! :)

Masters, Prelim's for the open clases and women's am went today.

surfdad 07-31-2011 8:57 PM

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Pictures of the podium, I don't know all the folks, but hopefully we'll see names soon or you'll recognize someone you know!

surfdad 07-31-2011 8:59 PM

In the pictures above there are a few empty spots, the Banks both made the podium but had to catch an early flight back to MN and I think someone else had already left.

Wakesurfnc 08-01-2011 7:21 AM

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Awesome picture of me during my run at the event doing an air 180. This picture was in the Seattle Times also.

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tonyv420 08-01-2011 2:16 PM

Nice pic Brian! hey that was taken from my Avy.

Elite95 08-02-2011 8:25 AM

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We had a great time at the NWWSA Event! This is a great event and we appreciate the hard work from everyone involved.

Here are a few pics we took at the event......

Soulcraft 08-02-2011 8:58 AM

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What a fun time, Can't wait for next year...

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