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surfdad 07-26-2011 6:05 AM

NorCal INT League Wakesurf 8/13 who's going?
We'll be there, just outside Eagal Lakes (spelling?) Anyone else?

wofrankwo 07-26-2011 9:11 AM

me an chris should be there!!

tmill 07-26-2011 9:13 AM

any idea were i can find more info on it?

surfdad 07-26-2011 9:18 AM

We'll see you there Frank!

Technically I guess it's still considered Tracy, but I always thought of it as South East of Tracy and South West of Manteca

12 W. Lorenzen Road
Tracy, CA 95304

leaks 07-26-2011 9:47 AM

From what I've gathered, All of the surfing will be held on saturday, Aug 13th.
Sign ups will be on site, starting at 9:00 a.m.
Not sure of the divisions. Probably going to based upon how many people show up.
Here's the website for Eagle Lakes: http://www.eagallakes.com/
Oh Ya, I'M IN !!

cheeseman 07-26-2011 10:27 AM

I'm in. There is going to be wakeboarding and a rail jam "Battle of the Brands" CWB vs Hyperlite also. Not too many events were you get wake, ski, skate, surf, and rails.

wakemitch 07-26-2011 11:58 AM

I really want to go. Is skate and surf on saturday?

cheeseman 07-26-2011 12:32 PM

Yes. Skate will be on Sunday also.

wakemitch 07-26-2011 1:36 PM

I have never competed in INT. I have a USA Waterski membership for this year because of the Sac State Wake team, but that isnt the same as WWA/INT is it?
I would like to do skate and Skim Open, but it is looking very pricy

Fiveflat 07-27-2011 3:49 PM


There are several divisions from beginners just learning to drop the rope, novice men(14 yrs old and older) , and open classes.

You need to be a member of INT $60 and each event is like $25 registration I believe. NorCal INT puts on a great comp! I'll be there competing in Men's Wane division.

wofrankwo 07-27-2011 6:51 PM

mitch from what i read ( rather quickly ) that you can get a 1 time comp pass for $30 ..... i think i read that in there ..... the $60 i think is for a full year ..... did not look like any other events this year

Fiveflat 07-29-2011 2:05 PM

There are no other stops other than the Regionals in Sept. back up in Red Bluff. The Guest membership might work since wakesurfing is only one day that weekend and not both. If Regionals are going to host surfing, then you may as well buy the annual membership.

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