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ride152 07-25-2011 8:18 PM

Weighting a SANte 210
I bought a 2010 Super Air Nautique this spring and had extra ballast plumbed in. I have the stock, plus 400 lbs in each engine compartment and 650 in the bow. Unfortunately, the bow weight is evenly distributed, but it's there.
I also purchased a Tsunami pump and have two additional 400 lb bags and the 150 brick.

I have created a great surf wake when we have all plumbed ballast filled and the boat loaded, but can't seem to re-create it when only running with 3 or 4 people.

I seem to accomplish a very tall wave, but somewhat soft and only 8 to 10 feet before the curl. If my back leg gets into the wash too much, I can't get forward again. Sometimes, when doing 360's, I will even turn into the wave and get stuck in the middle rather than accelerate down it to complete the rotation....
I have tried speeding up and adding more weight in the front, I just can't seem to get the hang of weighting for surfing well.

How do I:
create a more firm wave
get a little more distance?

I appreciate your help - I am really pushing to get a 720...


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