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lalh20 07-25-2011 12:23 PM

learning the 360
I just started wakesurfing this summer and it's going pretty well. I'm riding behind a Tige Z1 and riding on a CWB Razr board. I can go wireless with no problem but am looking for some tricks. The trick that I'm working on right now is the surface 360. I can do it with the handle but so far not without. 90% of the time, I get a complete 360, am still on the board, but end up going right through the wake and it passes me.

This video is my closest attempt so far (you'll want to fast forward to the end because I don't know how to edit/shorten the video):

In this video I come around and my front foot goes under so too much weight on my front foot. I wish I had a more typical video as to what they look like because this is better than usual. Almost all of the time I end up going right over/behind the wake as I spin (the wake passes me as I'm doing the 2nd half of the turn). My main questions are...

Is my approach correct (ie, should I be racing forward from further back to start it)?
Am I starting it in the right spot (should I be more forward, back, further out etc?

Lastly, do I need a different board? (I've already taken the center fin out). I don't want this to become a "which board" thread but if that's what's holding me back, so be it. If you're going to recommend a brand, please recommend the actual board from the brand that you suggest.

Riteride 07-25-2011 1:07 PM

Start further back and get yourself some speed going into the trick and you will have it....

tmill 07-25-2011 4:52 PM

^^^ i second that. come forward with more speed. also stay low. you kind of rose up at the end of the spin and moved your chest over your front foot. that is what caused you to nose dive. If you stay low and focus on moving your weight around at the hips instead of at your chest you should get this no problem.
As for the board, you are going to out grow that one quickly, start looking around and see what there is that you like. Some dealers will let you do demo's, and if you have any questions about TripleX surf and skim boards let me know.

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