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gnil 08-18-2003 12:40 AM

Has anyone tried this new skate (The Gate) from Hyperlite ? <BR>What do you think ? Should I bay it? I haven't been riding much yet, but do intened to progress.. would another skate be better?

tiger20 08-21-2003 4:47 PM

What's the deal with this thing? People either love it or hate it. Also it's listed for 300$ but I have seen it selling online for $239.

warlock00 08-22-2003 9:27 AM

Nick, seems to me there are a lot of people that just dont like hyperlite so they automatically hate the gate with out even trying it out. <BR> <BR>I will have mine in about 7-8 days and I will let you know what I think of it then.

xtremebordgurl 08-22-2003 11:28 AM

Personally, I think regardless of the company the Gate is one sick design. Haven't tried it yet but I know what I'm getting for next summer!

upupnaway 08-26-2003 8:04 PM

The kicktail will open up all kinds of new tricks. Wake to wake kickflips will be a dime a dozen next year. It will also allow for impossibles as well I would bet. (nose over tail rotation)

kristian 08-27-2003 12:57 AM

I'll reserve my opinion until a later date when more people have ridden it. But if its so great, why does Grubb apparently not like it and will stick with the catalyst??

xtremebordgurl 08-27-2003 7:10 AM

Where did you hear that Grubb didn't like it?

kristian 08-27-2003 1:33 PM

Some dude asked him at a comp.

windnwake 08-30-2003 2:51 PM

Does anyone know why Grubb doesnt like it?

kristian 08-30-2003 11:21 PM

The guy said grubb just didn't like the way it felt on the water.

karma2burn 09-04-2003 8:11 AM

A few of us have ridden the gate over the past few weeks. Pending the rider was the right size for the board, they all loved it. I witnessed 3 personal "first ever's" on the gate within the first few sets. The kick nose and tail make ollies a joke. Nose and Tail slides are really easy too..too bad there aren't more sizes available in the gate...Personally I suck on a wakeskate but I felt it tracked better (w/o fins), ollied 10x easier and I felt it was easier to keep on your feet.

gvw686 09-04-2003 8:37 AM

it just seems like a gymic 2 me, never rode it but thats my opinion of it, id like 2 try it but i dont got 300$ or whatever it cost to spend

live2wakesk8 09-12-2003 5:25 PM

this is a great board. it allows u to get great pop. one problem i have faced with it is that if your feet are barely more on one side of the board than the other, the sides catch and the tail gets caught in the water. this happens especially after doing tricks, when you land on the board. other than that, tho, this is a great board.

thinair 09-13-2003 5:11 AM

I hated the board. I didn't like how small it rode(you lose 6 inches off of the 43+/- total effective edge making it around a 37") it is also narrow for my taste. I hated the foam grip(couldn't move my feet and it felt like the board was getting away from me on wake to wake.) didn't like the turned down rails on the edges(my front edge would catch on lip tricks. It would actually have a stream of water running ovet the top of the board on lip tricks.) It didn't track well enough for me without fins and the fins it comes with are to big for how narrow they are placed on the board. I didn't like how it edged into and landed on w2w because of the fins placement. I didn't even like the way it ollied. I am used to riding wood skates with griptape though. I was really hoping it was the new thing but it has a long way to go.

baschralper 09-13-2003 3:20 PM

seems pretty gimicky to me.... <BR>My friend has been in Orlando riding with Byerly this week. He told me on the phone the other day that Byerly was killing it on that skate. But, i'm sure that Byerly could kill it on a piece of a 2x4 too...

warlock00 09-15-2003 7:13 AM

I like the gate. It is going to take sometime to get use to it, but when I get the feel for it I think it will be a sweet ride. I think it is easier to to lip tricks on, unlike foammesh said. I did not have the any problem with water coming over the board during lip tricks. I can hold a slide for a lot longer than on other boards I have ridden. I have stuck some big w2w's that I feel I would not have been able to land on my other board. I do not think it ollies any easier than my other board, and I am having more trouble landing shuvits on it than my other board also. But like I said I do like it, from what little bit I have rode on it. And I think that once I get use to the feel of this kind of board I will love it. It is just a big change in feel from a wood deck to this type of deck.

otiswunguy 09-17-2003 7:41 AM

the gate is a nice board. best one HL makes imo. the posative- <BR>kicktails make ollies a breeze. <BR>edges like a wakeboard with the fins on it. <BR>smooth bottom allows for easier shuv-its. <BR>compression molding lasts longer than wood. <BR>foam is softer on the shins but still grips good. <BR>w2w on this deck is easy. it holds to your feet. <BR>easy for deep water starts due to boyancy. <BR>the negative- <BR>without the fins it is too slippery for lip tricks.with them it won't allow shuv-its. <BR>it won't nollie like they claim. <BR>won't fit in a lot of racks. <BR> <BR>All in all, i like it more everytime i ride it. i will be switching to .7 fins though.i still prefer my cassette for jibbing. hope this helps, if you want to try it and you are in the N.W. hit me up. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/559020/82746.jpg" alt="">

jonb 11-20-2003 7:47 AM

the reason why grubb and others dont like it is because it rides smaller than it really is. it rides like a 107. some people like the bigger boards.

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