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mmobius2001 07-22-2011 4:36 PM

Board choice 10 choices!
so i posted before, board mainly used by me: 5'10 215lbs, my GF 5'4 115lbs

have surfed before, also community will used by 3-5 people ranging 150lbs to 200lbs

Surf style - just ride staying in pocket w/ no rope and some thrashing

Boat: Mobius LSV, usually 500lb locker, 600lbs in rear locker w/ a 500lb sac in riding corner.


CWB - Ride, Tsunami

Obrian - Alias

Hyperlite - Broadcast, Coex

Ronix - Cortez

Grindwater - Shaka, Mauka

small possibility i'll spend a little more to my max for:

CWB - Razr, Blackjack

Slingshot Arcane

opinions? i'd like to spend $300 or less cause we only surf when a little bit

jfd 07-23-2011 9:53 AM

Most of the boards you are looking for are mainly beginers board that aren't really agressive, If you really want something for beginers, the cortez or broadcast have proven there quality over the years.
If youre willing to pay a little more, you might want to take a look at the koal series from ronix, or at an Inland Surfer sweet spot or blue lake.

wakemitch 07-23-2011 11:00 AM

You should also consider the Inland Surfer Mucus. It's a little bit more but will out perform all of those. It's a really good price point surf style board

TheSqueakyWheel 07-23-2011 1:48 PM

Mucus [B]may[/B be OK], but I have 3 friends in the 220-240 range and they can't come close to surfing the mucus, and they struggle on the much larger Inland Surfer Swallow, but kill it on the IS Red Rocket. Mucus doesn't have enough surface area. Two of these three are very athletic, one has a very refined beer belly.
I'm 165 lbs and love my Mucus, as does my 125 lb wife - but I'm doubtful it will fill your weight range.

One of the big boys has an Alias which they can ride, but they can't "do anything" other than just sit in the pocket. It's too heavy. At my 165 lbs it's like trying to surf a mack truck. Ditto the CWB Ride which one owns. The Boradcast also fits in this categoy - these boards are ok for learning how to get up and sit in the pocket, but don't expect anything more. I haven't tried some of the others you list.

The Razr may fit the bill. I owned one last year and it's the closest of those listed (which I've ridden) that feels like a higher performance/more expensive board like an Inland Surfer I currently own a few Inland Surfer boards and a Phase 5 - Razr isn't in that class of boards, but at least it comes somewhat close.

I haven't surfed the Grindwaters, but I'm assuming at the price point you are looking are pre-2011 models - BEWARE, pre 2011 Grindwaters are fragile, so proceed at your risk. They dramatically changed construction this year to make them more durable.

wakemitch 07-23-2011 1:53 PM

TheSqueakyWheel, for the weight range and wake he mentioned the mucus will be great. The other Inland Surfers are better, but they are too far out of his price range. The Mucus is closer to his budget and will be a better ride than the others he mentioned.

TheSqueakyWheel 07-23-2011 2:02 PM

no doubt it's a good board - but he's at the upper limit of the weight range and at 215 lbs he may get frustrated - maybe not, but I've seen my atheltic big boy friends struggle on my Mucus but shred on the bigger Rocket (yes, I know Rocket costs significantly more) :o

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