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mmobius2001 07-21-2011 11:51 PM

Need a new board??
im looking for something cheap, i wakeboard 90% of time, i have an old Liquid Force think like 5'4 but the pad i completely gone off it.

i was looking at the obrian alias or whatever its called for $220 on overtons right now.

what do you recommend for a very beginner/novice, i can catch the pocket and ride but no spins or anything.

it will be a community board. im 220lbs 5'11, my GF is 115lb and 5'3 and most people vary all in between us, i will be the heaviest to ride it.

looking for something simple, durable, all around board.

dougr 07-22-2011 6:26 AM

i am 6'4 230 i would look for a used blue lake, a larger shredd stixx, etc etc something that will be faster than a what you have. take a look at used Inland surfer boards, there are alot out there and they hold up well. also XXX has a price point line too. hope this helps.

tmill 07-22-2011 12:41 PM

Take a look at the tripleX nitro. Its a great all around board, awesome for beginers when set up as a thruster(tri-fin). As a twin the board loosens up a bunch and makes it a lot of fun for the more experienced rider. A friend of mine who is 6'0 and 240 was able to ride it and i got it for my GF who is 135 and 5'10.

As stated here many times, stay away from the wakeboard manufacturers boads. They really know their stuff when it comes to wakeboards but just have not invested the time or money in R&D for the wakesurfs yet. If you have any other question about tripleX feel free to pm me. One realy nice thing about them too is if you buy one of their boards and hate it you can send it back, they stand behind their product 100%.

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