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scotthons 07-21-2011 3:42 PM

Backroll Help
I have a terrible tendency to start the rotation before popping off the wake which usually results with me casing the wake. Does anyone have a good pointer to help me stop doing this? Thanks in advance.

scotthons 07-21-2011 3:50 PM

Here is the only video I have. I actually got over the wake in this one, but I still feel like I lacked on the straight up pop.


wakeboard247 07-21-2011 4:13 PM

Remember that the backroll is an edging and line tension trick. You are coming in with speed but letting off your edge and not riding all the way up the wake.

Take a 15ft progressive edge into the wake but the next time you try it edge back and away from the boat moving the handle towards your leading aka front hip. You will feel the line tension speed you up and the flip itself will whip you right around.
Again remember to really edge all the way up back and away from the wake.

Good Luck.
Also there are plenty of training videos out there too.

cwb4me 07-21-2011 8:20 PM

Your doing more of a mexican roll.YOU NEED TO look up and over your lead shoulder.Your putting your head down.

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