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07-21-2011 8:53 AM

Would you move from FL to NC?
From Tampa to Charlotte (Lake Wylie/Norman areas).

Now that I'm 31, 100% single, sold the house, no kids to tie me down. Have had a solid career thus far. Ive been heavily exploring the idea of moving to an area that can provide me more:
-Boating lakes (its important my family have the option of boating activities and owning boats as I grew up on a lake)
-Outdoor activities (hiking, boating, running the dog, land paddling, biking, motorcycle riding, offroading my SUV)
-better School systems (when i do have kids)
-more humble, Down to earth girls-less city & high maintenance louis vuitton high heel girls who actually would enjoy boating and outdoor activities.
-cheaper Real estate (more land and for your money)
-more Seasons vs humid and more humid.

Dont get me wrong, I love the sun. But im not a saltwater or beach person and find myself less motivated 7 days/week when its a constant 95 degrees. Right now dont even want to wash or detail car, boat, bike etc but come our fall/winter Im all over it.

Just want to make a move if Im going to before getting into another relationship or planning on having kids. I would of course find work first before making the transition.

Ive done it before moving from Ohio the week after college graduation to Tampa without knowing a sole. Been here 8.5yrs now and thinking I need a change and fresh beginning.

Am i sounding logical or crazy leaving the warm weather?

Thanks for any feedback.

newmy79 07-21-2011 10:06 AM

I have totally different reasons for wanting to move to the Carolina's but I say go for it if its what you want. I wouldn't say NC has more lakes than where you are now, but between the lakes and mountains you can't beat the scenery. My wife and I have been scoping out the surrounding areas of Charlotte for about 3 yrs now (the RE market has kept us from making a move yet); but we're looking at High Rock Lake, Lake Wylie, Lake Murray in SC, Belews, and a few others. Have to first start looking for work. Our goal is to just be on the lake and enjoy the lifestyle. New Jersey sucks!

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wakecumberland 07-21-2011 10:07 AM

If I was going to leave KY it would be to NC, SC or GA. Everything you pointed out makes perfect sense.

alanp 07-21-2011 12:56 PM

sounds like youve answered your own question. a ton of pro with just one con, warm wx. call the movers bro!!

airbeast 07-21-2011 8:02 PM

I don't think you'll regret it. I lived in Fl, Hawaii, Raleigh, NH, some other places briefly and even Kazakhstan. I work in Charlotte and live in TN and my job is travel. Of everywhere, I like FL the least. I hate even going there for work. I've yet to find a place I like better than TN but Charlotte is not bad. Although Lake Norman is quite busy on the weekends if you have a Mon-Fri job. Plus in the winter you're an hour from Snowboarding. It's not great but not bad if you go on days it snows on. I wouldn't go much more South though. It starts getting hot again...

07-22-2011 7:22 AM

I grew up going to Norris and Dale Hollow in TN. After spending some time in NC last month, I could picture myself being happy there. And I definitely didnt know people snowboarded up there so thats another plus!

Sure I'll be giving up the Florida winters, but to be honest, I couldnt get anyone out onto the wakeboard boat after November 1st and we were on a very nice private lake. Too cold for my sissy friends here lol sure we have tons of lakes here (almost all private lakes) and on our good size private lake, we only ever saw 1 more boat out. People must take it for granted and not go out much. The other 25 wake/ski boats just stayed on their lifts and i never had a chance to meet any of them.

I heard that about norman so i was looking s charlotte towards wylie area, but as long as there are a few options within range that great!

kko13 07-23-2011 4:58 PM

Born and raised in the 813. We have a small vacation home in NW NC. i would move there in a second...but the wife works for the state of FL and we cant walk away from her retirement plan. We have family that live in Char. and they love it. If i were in your shoes and could find a job to support yourself like your a custom to. Hell yes I would move there.

jonblarc7 07-25-2011 9:19 AM

Just to give you another idea I live in High Point NC it's inbetween to bigger cities Winston-Salem and Greensboro. I have 4 lake within 40 min of me, The one I go to the most is owned buy the city of High Point (Oak Hollow lake) it dosen't allow house to be biult on it so no dock. Its sbout 10 min from my house and has alot of rules like no swimming of floating on rafts in the lake which is stupied but if you just want to wakeboard it has the best rules. Like no jet skies no tubing and they only allow 12 boats to be skiing at one time (the most boats I have ever seen out there skiing at one time is 5 even on memorial day so not a problem) so it just you and the fishermen that hate me LOL. Belews is the next lake I go to the most, its heated so great early and late season riding. I ride until the end of novmember with out a wetsuit. Then there's High Rock and Badien both nice lakes,

denverlove 07-25-2011 1:59 PM

You sound like you're in the same place in life as me, which is why I am moving TO Florida. :)

Been in Denver for 6 years... no relationship finally, just graduated college, currently job is plateaued. So excited to step outside my comfort zone and make a huge life-changing move.

Do it, man. If you're in the right place at the right time, it can only be for the best. :)

cadunkle 07-26-2011 5:02 PM

I would do it in a heartbeat if I had a job lined up. I'm looking at SC though to buy lakefront. I have no wife or kids, no house to sell, nothing typing me to NJ. Most of my family here would like to move to NC/SC/FL anyhow, so it's probably only a matter of time before someone makes the move. I don't want to live in FL though, so much salt water and gators in the fresh water. Salt is hell on boats too.

The only thing holding me back is some large student loan payments and that I have a decent job that I'm secure at... and lack of finding much work in my field in the areas of SC I'd like to live. If i got a job offer in SC without taking too much of a pay hit I'd take it in a heartbeat and live on a lake. I say find a job and make the move while you don't have any obligations.

antoddio 08-24-2011 3:51 PM

I had considered the same move, let me know if you want to compare notes!

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