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silverlude 07-20-2011 11:38 AM

Board repair help IS Swallow
The tip of our IS Swallow keeps getting dinged on the deck or rear of boat from folks running into it. I have used resin on it 3 times but just keeps gettin busted up.I have used as much as 4 layers of resin but still gets broken up. The tip is narrow and I'm think of using a little glass fiber on the tip with some resin. Anyone think this will help the longevity of the resin repair? Any other suggestions appreciated.

wakemitch 07-20-2011 12:08 PM

I would suggest work on getting your wake longer so you aren't at the back of the boat. But you might also want to look into a nose guard.

silverlude 07-20-2011 12:31 PM

Wake does not seem to be issue, but experience does. It seems to be when people first start on the board or are just tryin it out ect... It's significantly faster than our Blue Lake and people are surprised by the catch up speed or when the just butter out. Only happens a little but it is an issue none the less. Where can ya get a nose guard? Or can ya make one and out of what material?

TheSqueakyWheel 07-20-2011 12:42 PM

IS repair kit: http://www.inlandsurfer.com/shop/Det...=52&category=4

IS nose guard: http://www.inlandsurfer.com/shop/Det...=74&category=6

Soulcraft 07-20-2011 1:01 PM

http://www.surfcohawaii.com/category-s/8.htm --- For the nose guard
And cloth will help the resin stay, but sand the area first with 120/150 grit sand paper so the resin can grab onto something
http://www.surfcohawaii.com/category-s/13.htm --- The same company sells ding repair kits...
Becareful on using the right resin, Polyester resin will eat EPS foam, But you can use Epoxy on both Poly/EPS foam..
Hope this helps...

ragboy 07-20-2011 2:03 PM

When you see someone on a specific board catch up like that a lot, speed up. Go an extra half mile an hour or so. Same thing if they can't keep up, slow down. Adjust your speed so that the board wants to go the same speed as the boat with that rider.

Dennis gave me that advice a long time ago, and it works very well. It should be a VERY rare occurrence for someone to hit the board with the boat. I think it has only happened once to us.

bigcatpt 07-20-2011 6:06 PM

Solarez works awesome. We have used it several times on Inland surfer boards. It cures quick in the sun and then sand to shape. Quick and easy!!!

wakebrdjay 07-21-2011 4:56 AM

Don't use poly on an Inland board it doesn't bond well over epoxy,just stick with epoxy.Epoxy is easier to mix as most of them are 1:1 ratio.

BlitzedVLX 03-21-2014 6:58 AM

I am wanting to get a nose guard for my IS sweet spot. Does anyone know of one that will fit? Also is Solarez the best stuff to use for repairs on this board?

Chaos 03-22-2014 6:33 PM

Resin alone essentially has no structural strength. The tips of boards are also notoriously weak, due to the fact that they are typically one area that has a poor fiberglass to resin ratio and a very small point that received a lot of pressure or force upon impact. Any proper nose repair should contain both fiberglass either cloth, milled or chopped and resin. You will need to sand the area well, and make sure it is dry. The board is technically not all epoxy. The surface will be either paint or a polyester gloss. Epoxy whether a 2:1 or UV will not properly bond to the paint or polyester.

To be completely honest, there is not a decent UV curing 'epoxy' on the market. None of them work well or bond properly to boards. A 2:1 epoxy similar to that used actual make the board is your best bet, but most people have trouble getting the mixing ratios correct.

Check out:http://shredstixxusa.com/ding-repair...ing-repair-kit

This kit is compatible, and I have taken all the work out of getting the mixing ratios correct. There is also a brief write up on tips for a successful ding repair.

Brent, the typical "old school" nose guard is the best nose guard for an IS Sweet Spot. You can check them out at:


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