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Tehanw215 07-19-2011 9:36 AM

sanger v215 wakesurf
Just getting started wake surfing and was wondering how much weight and where to put it on my 05 sanger v215 to get a good wave? Any advice and pictures would be appreciated.

rallyart 07-20-2011 11:24 AM

You've got a 500# sac in the center floor that probably holds 450 in real life. Do you have the rear ballast tanks? If not you want to fill a 750# in the surf side rear locker. In total it would be great to have about 1500#. Getting good list on the Sanger helps a lot. Mine's the D215 so someone with a V215 will chime in soon to give you more specific advice. If you do a search you will find some threads here to give you specifics with your boat. Also, do you have a barefoot plate off the transom? If you do you may want to remove it or replace it with an adjustable plate for surfing.
You can get an excellent wave on either side without a lot of effort.

dennish 07-20-2011 2:06 PM

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I have the fixed plate on my V215 and the wake is great. I run front ballast full and about 1200 in which ever side I am surfing. I have the hard tanks so I fill that and use water and lead to get to that number.

Tehanw215 07-20-2011 11:03 PM

Hey thanks Art I appreciate it. I have found some threads that have been helpfull

Tehanw215 07-20-2011 11:18 PM

Thank Dennis. Ever run more weight then that? how many people in boat and where do you put them. I'v been told to get alot of weight in the bow, but from what i read on this sight it doesnt seem like people are bothering to do that. Been running 750# in surf side locker, stock ballast up front in ski locker and 750# on floor on top of stock ballast, and any body in the boat on surf side back corner with a guy in the bow. Wave seems short to me. I have to surf really close to boat.

Tehanw215 07-20-2011 11:20 PM

Nice pics by the way, lots of fun!

dennish 07-21-2011 7:10 AM

I run more weight than that during the winter. The V215 does not have much freeboard so in my area during the summer it gets too rough to fully weight it. Not sure if the Sanger needs more weight up front as it has worked very well for me with just the stock ballast up front. I have a fixed plate and it works well not sure what happens with a movable plate. If you put the plate all the way up I am sure that the wake would get steeper and shorter. I normally have a small crew so everyone will be on the surf side, Driver and one other. Sanger are not as sensitive as some boats to weight changes from passengers moving.

Tehanw215 07-21-2011 12:45 PM

any idea how your wave is comparing to other boats waves?

mstoked2 07-22-2011 10:25 AM

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I run 1100 bags in the lockers and the factory bag in the front. I have a 07 215 and works great for me

dennish 07-22-2011 1:19 PM

what boat do you want to compare with. Supreme Tige, Centurion???

Tehanw215 07-23-2011 10:03 PM

nice wave harry. guess i ordered to many fat sacs, dont need as much weight as i thought. oh well maybe i will load it down and play with it.

Tehanw215 07-23-2011 10:09 PM

guess i was just wondering if the sanger is inferior to those boats because of the lack of freeboard. how does it compare to the avalanch? My friend has an avalanche and thinks he can get a better wave. Waiting to get to the lake and see.

taft 08-23-2011 11:21 PM

The Avalanche is a good boat. I've seen nice waves out of them. The 215 is a good boat too though. I think it could be pretty comparable if you weighted them both out properly. However, the biggest problem I have with my Sanger is trying to get a nice long wave. Making it big is easy, but trying to lengthen it out without killing it or hitting 13+ mph is tough. Still trying to figure out how far to list it/how much weight to have in the back... ... then again, I'm trying to make a huge wave.

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