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ord27 07-18-2011 4:18 PM

PS 3 help
I need the vast knowledge base of WW!
My kids try to play a Blu-Ray on the PS3 and only get the back ground sound. They can barely hear the voices, but the action sounds are extremely loud. The dish plays fine on the tv and I think that the Wii does also. I have gone through the tv's audio settings and can't find anything strange. It's possible that I have just missed something.

Is there a setting on the PS3 that I need to look at?


wakeboardern1 07-18-2011 5:29 PM

It probably has to do with a problem with the HDMI cable. You could try using a different one, or you can change some setting, but I can't remember which. Just google PS3 Audio No video and something will come up. It tends to be an incompatibility between the HDMI, the TV and the PS3. It's weird. Like I said, there's some way to bypass it on the PS3's settings or to reset it and sometimes make it work, but just dig around in the PS3 menus and you should be able to find something... Sorry I'm not much help.

mbsteez 07-18-2011 6:54 PM

I've noticed that if you try to play a Dolby Digital or DTS soundtrack on a regular stereo TV speaker system, the dialogue is super quiet while the effect and music are way too loud. Could be something like that too.

ord27 07-18-2011 7:32 PM

thanks guys. I googled it and learned how to adjust the settings so that a more basic format would play. It worked with 1 movie anyway....

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