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ord27 07-16-2011 10:39 AM

2011 Cadillac CTS-V
My brother bought one of these. He has the 2 door coupe. He had to special order it because he couldn't find one locally that was a 6 speed. They were all automatics.
He let me drive it back from Austin yesterday. MAN! WHAT A CAR!

The car is built on a Corvette chassis and handles like a dream. I down shifted to pass a 'Vette and a Porsche. What a thrill....the car leaped from 60 to 95 mph in no time. No hesitation. It just wants to be driven hard.

The air conditioned seats were great. It was 106 outside, but a cold 69 inside!

The car is loaded with creature comforts. The NAV display shows your entire ipod menu. NAV, Ipod, DVD, Phone, can all be somewhat controlled with voice commands. He wasn't that familiar with all of the functions so I didn't get to fully explore them all.

It does only get 14 to 17 average mpg (they way he drives). He's a cop and drives like one.....

The back seat has nearly no head room. Anyone over 5'10" would be hitting their head on the ceiling.

The front seats hug around you, keeping you tight in place. I would have liked to have a bit more wiggle room after a couple of hours, but I guess that's not the point of the car.

This thing even has a lateral "G" force gauge.

sorry for the ramble.

cool car!
it's everything that it is said to be and maybe a bit more.

grant_west 07-16-2011 3:39 PM

Cadillac has been advertising during the Tour de France and they have been debuting this CTS V in their commercials. One things I thought that was very cool of them was talking about how the competition like the BMW M5 was a great car for them to test against and how the new CTS V outperformed it. Imo it was a cool way of them to pay respect to the great cars before them
Like the M5 but at the same time saying how great CTS V was. I just thought it was cool for Cadillac to give props where props were due at same time doing what they needed to do to try and sell cars. Everything i have heard about the CTSV has been good except the MPG but thats to be expexted i guess. What did ur brother pay for his CTS V

ord27 07-16-2011 4:52 PM

I believe somewhere in the mid to upper 60's. He pd extra for the color and the manual gear box, wheels, etc.....his is as loaded as it gets

jarrod 07-18-2011 3:27 PM

That's badass dood. I would love to drive one of those. I got another bike btw.

jonblarc7 07-19-2011 1:02 PM

I would love to have the 4 door one

Cops must make alot more where you live then the ones I'm friends with. My cop friends bearly make enough to buy a 30,000$ car much less a CTS-V.

ord27 07-19-2011 1:41 PM

my brother is nearly 50, no kids and never married. He is also part of the "upper brass", so I guess he does make pretty good money.

flackpack 07-19-2011 8:19 PM

Cliff -

You may not have seen mine during the Girls Wakeboard club days with the kids. I have one I drive daily, and also have set up for track events a few times a month. You are welcome to trade some pizza for rides at the track.

I'll be at Motorsports Ranch in Cresson at the end of the month. It is a DE weekend, and I need some track time at that course.

jonblarc7 07-20-2011 7:26 AM

Sounds good Cliff all my friends are low man rookies.

doug2 07-25-2011 3:53 PM

I think I'll take one of these...


baitkiller 07-26-2011 2:54 PM

The make nice boat motors too.
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