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07-15-2011 12:01 PM

Orlando to Palm Beach area!
Im heading down to florida middle October to extend my wake season, Im up in Vancouver BC but will be coming down for a few weeks to ride. Is there some guys out there that is willing to pull another rider when i get down there? Chip in for gas cash of course.

Just curious but do you ride all year round down there?

Thanks all,

07-15-2011 1:49 PM

Yeah we ride yr round down here...wetsuits/heater tops after a certain point. Im not n that area ur looking at though..but have same temps. Although its getting colder here every winter.

07-15-2011 2:11 PM

Cool sounds good, What area are you guys at? I plan to move around a bit.

May I ask what boat you have and water temp wise what would it get to from fall to winter? Im pretty use to the cold so im not really picky.

Crackerboy00 07-30-2011 5:03 PM

if you make it over to the west coast of florida , I live near Ft Myers and have a nice stretch of rive to ride on . Im always looking for an extra rider since I have a boat and no one to ride with . Hit me uo if you want . Thanks

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