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jarrod 07-15-2011 12:47 PM

Here's a question: Man vs Woman in street brawl
So I step out on to the streets of San Jose 15 minutes ago for a snack. There's a little farmers market street fair thing going. as I approach, I see a 180lb man grab this little 100lb cranked out looking girl by the arm and say, "hey you stole my stuff, give it back and wait for the police."

The girl cocks back and clocks the guy in is jaw. A solid, closed fist, solid connection. As she draws back for another, he drops her. BOOM. She springs back up and comes at him again, and the two exchange a few fists. But mostly, he's trying to stop her from getting away.

There were a lot of upset people; pissed that he decked the girl. But when the police game, I was one of the few people/witnesses in the guys corner. Most people were appalled that he hit a girl.

The problem I have with that is, she hit first, and slowed no sign of backing down. She was still attacking.

So sometimes is it okay to hit a girl?

jarrod 07-15-2011 1:03 PM

not supposed to be in Snowboarding! Oops

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