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nick_in_ssp 07-14-2011 6:44 PM

Help with ski upgrade
Hi everyone, I have been a pretty good skier since I was about 15 years old (so about 15 years now) and in the last 2 years have got into short line skiing. I ski on a 5 year old O'brien Allegiance and like it but am looking to upgrade. My cousin has a HO NOS and I have tried that a few time and think it is AMAZING. What I know I want is an edge to edge concave but I am unsure of the rocker effect on a ski. I am 210 pounds and am riding 28' off and getting shorter so if will have to be 69" or longer. I have found a NOS, a Monza, and a CDX, all 2 year old HO's and at a good price. I would also be open to a Radar but don't know many of the models. So what do you think would work for me and be something I could use to advance my skiing as far as it can. And what effect does the rocker have on a ski. Also I have been looking for a good forum like Wake World but for waterskiing any suggestions.

lugwrench 08-02-2011 6:34 AM

What speed are you skiing? That will determine what length of ski to go to. If you are running 34 mph+ and looking used the Sixam SS would probably be a good way to go. The allegience was based of the Sixam so there would be some familiarity there but the SS having the stiffer core and faster on edge.

I was never a fan of the Monza, it may have just been too much ski for me but I found it to really punish the skiier for mistakes and bad body position. It just didn't feel user friendly.

The senate C or Vice might be worth a look from Radar, based off of the Strada mold but the Vice just being a slightly softer layup and the Senate C being full carbon but .2" wider than the Strada. I'm giving the Senate (non c) a demo and will tell you how it fares but right now my personal best is only 4@22 off at 32 mph so you might like a step up from what I'm skiing.

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