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slipknot 07-14-2011 9:33 AM

Hebgen, Montana anyone?
Just wanted to find a pull in North Eastern Idaho or South Eastern Montana

Any riders around there than can pull my son and myself in a few weeks

We can meet at Hebgen, that would be the closest for us.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have lots of gas money and are very good at clean up

slipknot 07-14-2011 9:48 AM

or Island Park Reservoir:cool:

slipknot 07-18-2011 1:20 PM


slipknot 07-21-2011 9:39 AM

Bob in Bozmean where are you?

slipknot 07-22-2011 10:17 AM

i can't Bob to reply anybody know him?

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