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grant_west 07-12-2011 1:42 PM

2011 Tour De France
Stage 10 as of Today its been a crazy Tour up to now.
Stage 9 A French driver try's to avoid a tree and takes out 2 Riders.
So amazed that they both got up and finshed the stage and then started the Next stage,
Stage 9 was out of control with all the pile up's It to bad the way Vinokourov went out with a broken
femur. Wiggens out with a broken collar bone. David Zabriskie out with a wrist,

I have to say Im not a Big Mark Cavendish Fan. Go Tyler

shawndoggy 07-12-2011 1:49 PM

really bummed about Horner. He was my underdog du jour.

magic 07-12-2011 1:54 PM

Watch it everyday, annual event for us.The crashes this year suck. Would love to see Tyler win an other stage or two and not a Cav fan. It was cool to see Thor in the yellow and working to lead Tyler out. Really looking forward to see who's in the top 10 come the end of this week.

deuce 07-12-2011 3:28 PM

Fun tour so far.... A. Shleck is my horse in this race.... I am also on the ABC bandwagon(anybody but Contador).....


Originally Posted by magic (Post 1692618)
It was cool to see Thor in the yellow and working to lead Tyler out.

That was really cool....

three6ty 07-12-2011 10:11 PM

Im pulling hard for "Bitter Beer Face" Evans to pull it out this year. He works hard and has never had a team around him to help out but he manages to make the podium every year. He is in good position and time trials really well so even though I dont think he has the explosivness of of Schleck or Contador he paces himself well up the climbs and never really loses too much time.
I would also like to see Andy Schleck take it too Contador this tour. His brother is no slouch either . They are both excellent climbers but both suck on the TT.
If they dont have at least 1:30 advantage on Contador or Evens going into the TT, neither one has a chance to win.

Contador is a little banged up and I guess we will see on thursday if he is really hurt or if he is going to bring it up Luz-Ardiden!!! First big test of the tour!!!

ralph 07-13-2011 1:28 AM

I've been loving the coverage, epic. Contador will win it iMO, Schleck's will not gain enough time in the mountains to offset the tt deficet. Evans second, Third Andy.

deuce 07-14-2011 9:32 AM

Frank, Andy, Cadel & Ivan all put time into Cantador......

adouglas 07-14-2011 10:21 AM

Here are some great shots of race thus far. Pictures 25-27 are of the crash Grant posted the link to, simply amazing these guys continued on to finish the stage…


grant_west 07-14-2011 11:07 AM

Alan Thank's for the Link there are some great shot's. IMO Pro Cyclest are some TOUGH mo fo's. They can also be some DIVA's but for what they have to put their body threw its some what understandable that they can be complete head cases. The amout of stress they have to go threw to even be able to make it threw the tour is HUGE. To be at the top of the ladder must be superhuman. No wonder why drugs have been so rampent. I agree the tour is ramping up and should be a good one. I would like the Shleck's 1 and 2.
Also I became a big Thor fan. The Race leader and World Champ leading out Tyler and not just playing it safe sitting back was a cool move in my Book.
Cadel Im sorry but he seems like a Big Baby. "Wheel Sucker" if he is gonna have a shot at winning he is gonna have to make some big moves BY himself and not riding behing the leaders

ralph 07-14-2011 1:49 PM

Conti is suffering with a sore knee from a crash, he is a tough mofo and doing pretty well to be holding with the leaders. It is still early days, I think he will recover and smash them in the alps. I like how Basso looked today, when get that grimace on his face and that turbo diesel kicks in it spells trouble for the others, some of the consistent gradient climbing to come suits his high tempo climbing style. Exciting.....

ralph 07-14-2011 1:51 PM

Oh check this out classic Cadel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBtqS...&feature=share
Funny stuff

deuce 07-14-2011 3:43 PM


Originally Posted by ralph (Post 1693217)
Conti is suffering with a sore knee from a crash, he is a tough mofo and doing pretty well to be holding with the leaders. It is still early days, I think he will recover and smash them in the alps.

He's not smashing Andy Schleck in the Alps.....assuming he can keep his chain on....

You heard it here first, Contador doesn't podium....

grant_west 07-14-2011 4:16 PM

Ahh Cadel what a little Beeotch
I have heard storys of his beotch Like antic's from back when he used to race MTB's

guido 07-15-2011 1:43 PM

I agree with EJ. I don't see Contador on the podium. I hope it's Andy's year. That would be killer.

I'm not a Cadel fan, but do have to hand it to him. I feel like he's working with the least team help. We'll see when the hills get steep.

Thor is one of my new favorite cyclists. I agree, it's awesome seeing the world champ stripes giving a lead-out. Props to him.

ralph 07-16-2011 11:42 PM

How Gansta is Thor. Dang son

ralph 07-17-2011 12:00 AM

Todays racing shows exactly why Andy WILL NOT WIN the TDF. He had the chance to put the foot on the throat when Sammy Sanchez attacked and he bridged, he could have worked with Sammy and gained time but no, he sat up. If he doesn't take time on Contador when he is recovering then he is done, Contador is only going to get stronger in the third week and he will not hesitate to twist the knife if he gets the chance. Too timid to be a TDF champ IMO.

ralph 07-19-2011 4:53 PM

Contador, Evans and Samu fly.......
Conti must have got a double bag fill up on the rest day.......

alanp 07-19-2011 5:08 PM

haha funny darren. i really hope voeckler does something special. dunno if he can hold on tho. also dunno if if has the TT ability to hold off evans.

deuce 07-21-2011 10:02 AM

Darren, how do you feel about AS as a contender after today?

magic 07-21-2011 10:18 AM

I'm thinking tomorrow will shake things out. Cadel needs to get off his duffy and make a move. Seems like he covering too much and waiting for others to attack. Liking Andy today, nice stage race. Glad to see AC sucking it up and more glad I don't understand Spanish so I won't have to listen to his whining excuses.

alanp 07-21-2011 1:54 PM

wow great stage!! very happy voeckler kept his jersey another day. great ride on his part and AS.

deuce 07-21-2011 7:10 PM

Looks like with 57 seconds on Cadel, AS is dead even with the odds makers to win the TdF now(actually a slight favorite with the overall average). http://http://www.oddschecker.com/ot...-france/winner

Going to be a fun day tomorrow.....at least for those watching....

ralph 07-21-2011 8:58 PM

Andy rode killer today. Chapeau!

ralph 07-21-2011 9:03 PM

EJ, I think Conti is done, it is a bridge to far now. But you never know, Alpe-d’Huez can take minutes out of anyone who cracks and it does suit contadors style if he rebounds and has the legs. You never know how Andy will pull up after todays effort.

There was no excuses from Alberto today, he said he had heavy legs and Andy rode a killer race.

alanp 07-22-2011 8:13 PM

tomorrow is gonna be interesting. i sure hope AS can hold off evans

magic 07-23-2011 7:44 AM

Yesterday was great. Watching the time trail right now instead of going for a ride my self.

deuce 07-23-2011 4:36 PM

Went for a ride, didn't watch....glad I did.... Ugh....

It is not that I don't like Cadel, but would prefer either Schleck brother....

Speaking of my ride, got back and helped a friend move.... Didn't know she lived on the third floor of her apartment complex.... My quads were BURNING....

ralph 07-23-2011 9:09 PM

Cuddles rode like a champion and well Andy didn't. Not my favorite but Chapeau, did what was required and got the win.

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