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coda281 07-10-2011 12:30 PM

Usa women! Wow must see
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMxaxQEyPCg danggggggg and the SHOOTOUT after is on the same youtube user's channel soon!

behindtheboat 07-10-2011 1:13 PM

they play terrible all game, and then pull it out again. I don't get how they can keep talking about the heart and drive, the Sweden game didn't have that, and did they not notice with only minutes left (just before the tying goal) the lazy US player who missed the cross, stopped running, only for the ball to not go out of bounds and she went and fouled the Brazil player that had ran after it. It was fun to watch, but also frustrating because the team does not seem to represent the quality players that I have seen in collegiate soccer, these are just big, physical, fouling players that don't really have the effort they love to market after the game

wakereviews 07-10-2011 4:00 PM

well, i thought the game was incredible. I jumped out of my seat when they scored that goal in the 120+ minute. Just awesome!

bear 07-10-2011 7:17 PM

It was an amazing game!!!! That ref was terrible!!! Glad things worked out though.

kstateskier 07-10-2011 8:09 PM

My girlfriend said the exact same thing when that forward pulled up. She couldn't believe how lazy their forward play was. She actually worked for St. Louis' WPS team for awhile and I actually went to the All Star game a couple of years ago. The speed shown on TV does not do the women justice. This level of player is so far above normal college soccer you wouldn't believe it. It was good to see that Marta plays the same at the international level as she does in the WPS. Her acting reminds me of men's soccer.

Until I started dating my girlfriend who played soccer at the collegiate level, I did not know anything about the sport. After watching many of her games, I actually would rather watch women play as it is a little more technical. The men's game is much faster, but also much more selfish. I enjoy the strategy.

I do find it quite hilarious watching my girlfriend freaking out during these soccer games after watching me in shock and horror while I was yelling at the TV and throwing things during K-State football/basketball games.

ttrigo 07-10-2011 9:05 PM

considering the refs were doing everything in their power to ensure Brazil went on, I thank the US should be happy with the result. they did not play all that well, but playing a man/woman down for an hour would pretty much destroy most any other team. it is amazing to me that even in the most prestigious tourney in the world (mens and womens world cup), they cant find ref's that would be worthy of doing a high school game. it is an embarrasment to the sport.
either way, I am happy they moved on, and I think you will see a much better side against sweden this time around.

dakid 07-11-2011 1:26 AM

i thought it was a very entertaining game. how fitting was it that the u.s. scored due to additional time being added because a player from brasil faked an injury to kill the clock?

sidekicknicholas 07-11-2011 9:03 AM


how fitting was it that the u.s. scored due to additional time being added because a player from brasil faked an injury to kill the clock?
Amen!.... stretcher to full sprint in less then 30 seconds?!

Great great game. I have played soccer as a little kid, through high school, and at college and have never EVER once seen a PK re-done for what the U.S. was called for... complete B.S. I guess in the end it all worked out and made for a more exciting game (except I lost money because I had the U.S. to win in 120min - shootout ment I lost my bet). I know most of the country doesn't get into soccer, but anyone who says that game wasn't exciting is a liar

I think to momentum from the game should hopefully be enough to carry them through to the final game.

ttrigo 07-11-2011 9:44 AM

Agreed nick. 25 + years of soccer, and never have i seen a pk being retaken because of that "infraction".

69flyguy 07-11-2011 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by ttrigo (Post 1692292)
Agreed nick. 25 + years of soccer, and never have i seen a pk being retaken because of that "infraction".

x3...poor call by the ref

dakid 07-12-2011 3:58 AM

this is hilarious


mjfan23 07-17-2011 2:22 PM

to many blown opportunities today.

dakid 07-17-2011 2:47 PM

way too many blown opportunities. with that said, i'm still stoked on their play throughout the wc. i'm bummed they didn't win it all, but happy for japan considering all the country's been through w/ the quakes and tsunamis. congrats to japan.

ttrigo 07-18-2011 9:51 AM

I would not necessarily call them "blown" opportununities, but more about them being a bit unlucky yesterday. Its not as if they missed one on ones. To have three shots hit the woodwork in one half, tells me they were not destined to get anything on the day. I was impressed they netted the two they did.
The bottom line is, these girls were not skilled enough to play a possesion style of play. This team plays better from behind than with a lead. I am proud of the way they played though. Showed more heart and determination then most mens teams in any sport out there. The fact that they lost to a team who has had such a devastating past few months is fine with me. Better they lose in the finals to japan, than brazil or germany!

jason_ssr 07-18-2011 10:22 AM

In the past 3 or 4 years, Ive really tried hard to make myself like soccer....and I just cant. IMO there is too much luck involved and not enough gain based on skill and this WC reinforces that belief. Not that these arent talented athletes, because they are, but the measure by which the game is scored is completely luck. A shootout is basically rock paper scissors. To me, soccer is like a game of basketball where you can only shoot half court hook shots. Yes, some are going to go in, and yes some players may be able to hit more than one out of 100, but its ultimately a game of luck. Very rarely do I see a play in soccer where the skill of a player or group of players results in anything that looks like a corrdinated strike. The fouls and flops are so inconsistently called thats its a constant joke even among soccer fans.

Does anyone else see this or is soccer just the popular sport to like these days and people are more into soccer culture than competitive sport?

sidekicknicholas 07-18-2011 10:56 AM


. Very rarely do I see a play in soccer where the skill of a player or group of players results in anything that looks like a corrdinated strike.
From your whole post I doubt you've ever played soccer... which isn't wrong, its not for everyone, but without seeing some of what these athletes do having been in that position its hard to comment.

I mean think about being 20+ yards away from a box that is being guarded... while there are 2 or so people trying to get the ball from you giving you a tiny window to shoot in.... oh, and no hands. It isn't easy. Where you say its luck, I say its just difficult. Some of the high $ players for big Euro clubs ooze skill, its insane to watch their control of a little ball with their feet at full sprint - only to stop on a dime, pull back and hit a shot that perfectly bends around a defender to find the goal.... its an amazing sport with a ton of SKILL not luck involved that is really hard to appreciate unless you've played

You need to watch some of the European leagues where a powerhouse will take on a smaller club... you'll certainly see the skill difference. Its like a game of chess while most USA sports are checkers. Its slow, calculated and when the moment is right, they strike. I think you generally see more sloppy play from women (men too at the international competitions) because most of them spend the majority of their time training with other clubs. This isn't their home/main team, they take a break from their usual team-mates to come and do this every few years, which I think creates a lot less chemistry.

ttrigo 07-18-2011 11:03 AM

Watch the recent real madrid vs. I believe was the la galaxy. You can see the skill difference of the spanish side vs. The american side. Cristiano ronaldo makes great soccer players look average at best. Most people who dont like, or force themselves to watch soccer have zero idea of the skill set needed to play the game well. Not a knock on them, they just dont understand it. No worries though. Its like that indy band that you selfishly do not want to get too popular. Soccer is not for everyone, but the american media still feel a responsibility to shove it down the the throats of everyone, every 4-5 years.

jason_ssr 07-18-2011 2:42 PM

I respect soccer and soccer players, and Ive honestly given it a serious look. Lots of soccer fans on my trade floor that always have it on screen. They all follow EPL but when you ask them about it, its much more abuot the drama surrounding the teams and their stories than it is the actual game. What I do like in EPL is that rule where the last place team gets bumped to the minors for a new up and comer. I wish college conferences would do this.

So, back to the game, no Ive never kicked a soccer ball. However, I played varisty sports in HS and college, so I do understand athletics and competition. the endurance of these players alone is incredible. I do understand the strategy, but at what point does it become so difficult that its luck? At what point is a cross into a crowd of mixed players looking to head it one way or another hoping your guy is the first to jump and hit it, luck? Without knowing real numbers, I would say of the US womens matches I watched (3) I would say that 1 in 20 crosses were actually struck by the offense as a play on goal.

Now all sports have those random bounces that you just kinda make a play on, but soccer it seems like every play that breaks into a scoring opportunity is from a fluke bounce.

I understand the ball movement skill by an individual. But at some point a task becomes so difficult that a successful result is ultimately luck no matter how skilled one might be.

Basketball - 46-50% from the field is respectable
Baseball - 30% success rate at the plate is hall of fame material
Soccer - less that 10% shooting on goal decent?

The shootout - these people kick the ball so hard and in so many different ways, it seems the goalie has to anticipate and proactively begin their move. Isnt that a guessing game at that point? So this entire match of so many players showing incredible athletic ability comes down to one person on each team having a guessing match? To me thats like ending a football game on a coin toss.

...and get rid of offsides

tings00 07-18-2011 3:09 PM

I have played soccer all my life and competitively through high school. I too struggle to watch it and will only watch the big, big games. I cant stand the flopping. I agree with you Jason. Lots and lots of random luck involved mixed with some amazing skill. ANother rule change idea i have is to get rid of goalies and make the goal smaller.

espn soccer commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHebu...eature=related

scott_a 07-18-2011 9:42 PM

I doubt there's anyone that actually LIKES shootouts, but after 120 mins of soccer it just needs to come to an end. How long are NBA games again? 48 mins with a million rest breaks for tv timeouts?

I wouldn't base any of your soccer opinions on the women's game. It would be like watching women's hockey instead of the NHL.

and bring back the golden goal.

dakid 07-18-2011 11:00 PM

Jason G, did you really just go into a u.s. women's soccer thread to bitch about soccer?

it's like that guy that goes into an nba thread just to post about how much he hates it.

jason_ssr 07-19-2011 4:57 AM

I went on a DISCUSSION board, clicked on a thread about SOCCER, and gave my opinion about SOCCER, and incited DISCUSSION about SOCCER. I did not badmouth soccer or its players, I only asked if others had a hard time watching it because of the competition being based too much on luck. Some agreed and some did not.

Thats basically how message boards work, Joe. Then again, I feel like me giving you lessons on message boards is like you giving me lessons on basketball. LOL!

ttrigo 07-19-2011 10:47 AM

Jason -if you want to gain a little more respect for soccer, and learn a bit more about the quality out there, catch an english premier league game. Or better yet, watch the european champinships next summer. If you cant appreciate that level of the game, then it is definitely not for you.
As a soccer fan, i am not offended by your comments at all. It sounds like you are willing to give it a chance, but i can tell you that the world cup ( both mens and womens) is not the best soccer you can watch.
As for the golden goal comment, i could not agree more. Pks are the worst way to win or lose a game. I have been on both ends of the pk endings for state cup titles. It sucks both ways.

dakid 07-19-2011 1:49 PM

oh, ok. so if you start a thread about your kid and i post that i hate kids, it's cool as long as it incites discussion? awesome!!

wait, before i forget; ROFLMAO

jason_ssr 07-19-2011 2:12 PM

Train, I will definitely catch some EPL. I have a strong appreciation for the skill of moving the ball and the athleticism of the players, its just the scoring is so difficult that it seems like luck. Who is the best scorer in the world? Ronaldo? what do you think his goal percentage is based on shots taken? At what percentage is the success rate of any action considered luck? I guess in most sports the team dominating the game wins a great majority of the time. However, in soccer the team dominating the ball movement regularly loses 1-0 because the other teams shot on goal nicked a pole and went in. Now, this is where some of you soccer players may be able to clarify, does a soccer player look at a scoring opportunity, and determine that if I nick the post on the way in it will keep the goalie from being able to time it well enough, and they fire it with the purpose of drawing iron and playing the ricochet? or, did they just fire it to a general location at goal and the fact that they were a little wide and hit the post and went in just lucky?

jason_ssr 07-19-2011 2:13 PM

Joe, lol, your wasting web space

mjfan23 07-19-2011 4:18 PM

why get rid of offsides?

sidekicknicholas 07-19-2011 5:33 PM


why get rid of offsides?
Agreed... the game needs it or it would be awful.

Anyone who hates the pace of soccer but like football/basketball speed, watch some Indoor soccer, you'll honestly love it.

scott_a 07-19-2011 8:28 PM

Jason, take everything you know about soccer and throw it all away. Go watch some EPL games and things will make a lot more sense.

jason_ssr 07-20-2011 4:48 AM


why get rid of offsides?
promote balance on the field.
allow the finer skills to shine
make scoring less about luck
allow risk and reward

How does it help?

Scott, I will focus on the EPL next go round.

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