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jigster 07-08-2011 7:43 AM

Lutz, FL (Tampa area) - anyone have lake access?
Curious if anybody has access to Lutz/Land O' Lakes area lakes? We trailer our boat out to Lake Thonotosassa and Lake Tarpon, but it is such a shame to have so many lakes minutes from our house and still end up having to trailer it 20+ miles since all of them are private. If someone can provide a close by lake, we can provide the boat :)

Also, both my wife and I wakeboard. If any other couples are into this and looking for rides, give us a shout. Hell, honestly anybody who is willing to wake up early enough to beat the chop and the crowds and pitches in for gas is a welcome addition.

Later - Jason

07-08-2011 7:56 AM

Damn...just lost my access to Lake Magdalene too or Id help you out! I know how bad it stinks to trailer out to Tarpon or Lake Seminole even.

jigster 07-08-2011 9:09 AM

Wow, that would've been nice!

Tarpon seems to always only be good up until about 10am. After that the seabreeze and swarm of boats and jet skis brings up the chop to a point where it is almost not worth being out.

Despite the horrible water quality, I actually prefer Thonotosassa due to the lack of traffic and wind, but the abundance of alligators doesn't sit well with the wife. I'm hoping to find something close by that's worthwhile. I've got a friend that lives near the Butler chain so we may be taking a ride out there in the next few weeks, but since that is so far out for us those trips will be far and few between.


kko13 07-23-2011 5:19 PM

Jason I wakeboard in Lutz all the time on lake keen. The only problem is the lake is REALLY small. But 90% of the time we are the only boat out. Every once in a while a jet ski will come out but they dont last long. If you and the wife ever want to just come out for a day at the lake let me know. My wife doesnt ride. I tow the kids on the tube and I wakeboard. Sometimes I have some friends out that I taught to WB. Like I siad its not the best lake but its close and almost always glass. I used to goto tarpon but its a to far to get my crew there before the lake gets ****ty. So I tuff it out on the small lake. Its a great place for family fun.
PS. Have you ever been to some local WB tourneys @ tower lake in Oldsmar? Fortes Inboard and LOL marine have had tourneys there. Its about that same size.

MDW2 07-26-2011 8:59 AM

Lake Magdalene Access!!
I have Access at Lake Magdalene. Its always glass. No one ever goes out there and I've been looking for a pull in the area. mdwickerh2f@gmail.com

07-26-2011 9:09 AM

Ding, ding, ding...we have a winner. Jason, take him up on it. The lake always has perfect skiing/boarding conditions and zero traffic. I just met someone else this weekend who lives on lake mag

MDW2 07-26-2011 11:03 AM

Hahaha @ LR3w8kbrdr. If you're out there shoot me an email.

kko13 07-27-2011 4:15 PM

I would be down for a lake day on lake mag. I am a bit older than you guys (42)and not at the skill level you guys are, but I love to get out and do what I can maybe pick up a pointer or 2 and watch people that can throw down do their thing.So let me know. Can bring my boat or pitch on gas and clean up. or we can just take turns on who brings the boat..whateva I'm easy.

kko13 07-31-2011 3:39 PM

Dylan I sent you an email. Lets all try and get together on lake Magdalene.

kko13 08-01-2011 9:35 AM

I got a hold of Dylan through email. He said lets pick a day amd ride on magdalene. so what day you guys want to ride? Weekends work best for me. or after 5 on thur or fri.

MDW2 08-01-2011 11:01 AM

I'm off work on Wed. August 3rd and could do thursday or friday after 6:30pm or mornings as long as I'm off the water by 7:30am. Let me know

05-12-2012 6:16 PM

You guys still around?? I'll be moving back onto Lake Magdalene in July. Cant wait, love the lake and the atmosphere. I'm sacrificing my commute times to work but living on a private lake is worth it. I'll be down on the south end, just picked up a waterfront condo.

Now to just get back into boat riding, as Ive spent some time this last yr at McCormicks.

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