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viking 07-07-2011 8:54 PM

Polaris RZR or RZR (s)
Any fellow boaters own a Polaris RZR side-x-side?
I'm looking at buying a Polaris RZR or RZRs. Haven't decided yet on which one or what model year (09, 10, or 11).

Here's what I've investigated so far:
1.) RZR is 50" wide and good if wanting to ride OHV trails
2.) the "s" model has a wider stance and upgraded suspension
3.) the 08 models had issues with air filter
4.) the 11 models have increased cooling design
5.) someone told me that you can upgrade the suspension on the RZR for more travel and better shocks and basically have a trail capable RZR for about same price or less than the RZRs

Anybody have any input to add?

brett33 07-08-2011 5:48 AM

I have the '09 stealth black RZR 800EFI out at my ranch. There is not one thing that i dont like about it. Zero problems since ive owned it. Upgades are modest- windshield, rear storage box, winch and roof. Man those things are awesome to drive! I was really impressed with the pick-up on them.. 0-60 in a hurry! I couldnt justify spending the extra cash on the S model.. unless you are a "top shelf toy guy" or a super trail rider its really pointless. Just watch those corners, sliding the rear end out is fun, but the non-S model is a bit top heavy (not having the wider stance)

viking 07-10-2011 9:37 PM

Thanks Brett,
I think a top shelf guy would get the 900 XP :)

I'm still going back and forth on the (S) versus regular. Really looking at the RZR 4 too! In a few years I can take the whole family with it. Kids a bit small yet!

brett33 07-11-2011 5:43 AM

man those 4 seaters are SWEET! good luck

helinut 07-17-2011 10:22 PM

Buddy has an S model. Pretty dang fun. I'd recommend the S if you're going to do dunes and such.

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