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brett33 07-07-2011 6:56 AM

02 SAN surf setup?
Ok so i've got the 2002 team edition SAN 210 with the center 300# ballast and the two rear lockers which total 520#. That's 820# of stock ballast, which i believe are the right specs. On top of the rear hard tanks, I have the Fly High wedges that are each 400# and the full bow triangle which is 1000+ #

stock ballast: 820#
sac ballast: 400+400+1000= 1800#

total ballast weight = 2,620#

I have literally tried every configuration of this weight to get a beefy surf wake and i just cant get a long wave with a big sweet spot. Any ideas?

Texan 07-07-2011 7:33 AM

I've got an 02 sante. My guess is your having a tough time on the port side huh?

Prop rotation on these boats strongly favors the starboard... lucky for me I ride goofy. I've got a real long clean wave with just rear starboard tank full + 240# of steel on top of the tank and behind the driver, 3/4 full center tank, and another 160 up front on starboard side with no one else in the boat but a driver. It's not huge but if you've got the right board settup and know what you're doing you can all day and pull 3's and small airs. Throw a few people in there and it shapes up real nice.

As for port side, what I'd do is fill your port rear tank and wedge. Fill the Center 1/2 full and then play with the bow sack from maybe 1/2 to 3/4 full. These old San's like bow weight. If you have a few folks that can sit port side to give you some midship weight I would think that would be plenty. But again, the prop makes it tough.

You can always fill the starboard side and ride it backside and fakey all day.

brett33 07-07-2011 7:42 AM

You're right, port side is the problem.

Last weekend I had the port tank and wedge full, center full, and bow 1/2 full. With 4 people on the port side seats and rail... Still didnt make a difference.

A buddy of mine has a 500# sac he wants to sell me ($75 with pump), think I should pick it up and see if I can get it to help?

johnboyy7 07-08-2011 7:42 AM

I have an 04 sante. 750 in locker. 440+400 on seat, center full, 600 in bow on surf side.

Texan 07-08-2011 7:46 AM

I would think the 500lber would help. You can probably get a quick answer over on planetnautique.com's forum. Lots of older san owners.

brett33 07-08-2011 7:57 AM

John- what side are you surfing? are both sides money when you switch? my starboard side is ridiculous.. all the goofy riders love it, but i cant get MY side dialed on MY boat.. depressing.

I got the 500 yesterday and i think this is how im going to set it up.

port locker and wedge full, starboard wedge on the port side rear seat, 500 on the port side seat (down the side), center 1/2 full and bow 1/2 to 3/4.

ill snap a few pics and post them

johnboyy7 07-08-2011 7:43 PM

As a PN member there are some good threads on surf wakes. Yes mine is money on both sides. I'm goofy so, yes I love it. I ride a 4'2" custom and can sit on it lock kneed, just saying that it has hood push. I ride any where from 10-11. With 1 or 2 in the boat.

tommyg 08-03-2011 7:46 PM

I also have an '02 SAN...Here's my question (and it sounds like you've answered it above I think)....is it ok to fill just one of the rear tanks? I don' t have the team edition, and i have only one button to fill the ballast, and need to open the valves under the rear seat. i've worried that if i only open one valve, I'll do some sort of harm to the pump on the other side. But sounding from the responses above, it's ok to just open one valve and turn on the pumps?

Sorry, don' t mean to hijack the thread.

johnboyy7 08-04-2011 4:45 AM

if you have aerator pumps i dont THINK it will. not for sure. put definitely only fill one side.

brett33 08-04-2011 6:28 AM

Tommy, naw man i highly doubt it will harm it. i do it every time we surf and a buddy has a 03 (non-TE) and they fill the same way to surf.


stock ballast: 820#
sac ballast: 400+400+1000= 1800#
so now i have added a 500# over the center hard tank and a 350# on the port side rear of the floor.

i have to fill the 1000# nose sac up a little more to get it to plane but the port side wake is really looking good now. good length, good push. i know im going to have to re-prop it, but my question now is... what prop to go with? i want something that can be used for both surfing and boarding, get me out of the hole better when im loaded down, help RPMs.. and i never get over 30mph. any thoughts?

tommyg 08-04-2011 7:01 AM

cool, thanks guys.

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