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diamonddad 07-06-2011 1:51 PM

classified ads closing themselves
A week ago, I placed an "accessories" ad on June 29 that closed its self after I modifed it on the same day. So, I recreated the add on June 30 which stayed alive until I sold the item.

Today, I placed an "audio..." ad on July 6 that closed its sef after I modified it. Something strange is going on. I also doubt I clicked on the wrong button.

Let me know if you can tell me why my AMP ad went away today?

wakeworld 07-06-2011 2:02 PM

We do not allow the sale of new items worth more than $100 within the free classifieds. The rules are explained when you place your ad, but you may have simply clicked on the "free" ad without reading them. Unfortunately, shops, dealers, reps, etc. take advantage of the free classifieds by using them for advertising while posing as "Joe Public," so we no longer allow the sale of new items.

diamonddad 07-06-2011 2:18 PM

OK. But, I would think you would send a message explaining the deletion. I thought it was just me doing something wrong.

Its a shame that a wakeworld vetran can't sell an AMP that is 2 years old for 40% off because it is unused.

Can I redo the ad saying its "owned for 2 years and very lightly used for zero seconds"?

wakeworld 07-06-2011 2:29 PM

While I appreciate the fact that you're a WakeWorld veteran and have been a great contributor to WakeWorld for many years, it's very hard for me to explain to the next guy that wants to run an ad for his new item (which may or may not be legit) that his ad will be removed while your ad will remain. I know that it seems really simple to make exceptions for certain people when you're looking in from the outside, but I have to delete ads every day because of people trying to get free advertising for their products. If I have to research each ad and determine whether or not it's legit, as well as take the time to send a special email to each of those people explaining to them the exact words that they chose not to read when they set up the ad because they were in a hurray, it's a lot of time taken out of my day that could have been used to create content for thousands of readers instead. Unfortunately, I don't have unlimited time and I need to make decisions on where to spend that time so that it will benefit the most people.

Yes, you can redo the ad saying it's been "owned for 2 years and very lightly used," but please leave off the "zero seconds" part. Thanks!

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