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07-06-2011 1:32 PM

Nikon Coolpix p500
I'm not a camera guy but after my trip to the grand canyon last year I decided to get a better camera for this year's vacation - destination still up in the air.

I bought a Coolpix p500 after looking around on the web for a decent budget camera. Have only played with it briefly but so far love it. I got a separate video camera so don't care about the video features.

Any thoughts / feedback?


JJ 07-06-2011 8:49 PM

Coming from someone who works in camera retail sales it has its issues. Make sure not to bump it around very much if at all. The P series in general is known for having lens error problems. Durability aside the photo quality is pretty good. Personally I'm not a fan of those super zooms. I would have gone $100 more and gotten an entry level SLR.

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