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buffalow 06-30-2011 8:41 AM

Canon Mark 4 Shots
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Here are a couple of cool shots from the 2012 MB Photo shoot from my new Mark 4. Of course lots is lost from the photo to WW, but still pretty cool. Huge progression from the Mark 2 I have used for years. Guess I have to sell that Mark 2 now.

skull 06-30-2011 9:19 AM

It is a fantastic body. I have had one since Jan 2010 and the thing is solid. That body and a 70-200 2.8 IS II is a ridiculous combo.

buffalow 06-30-2011 10:25 AM

Yhea I have not even kind of pushed it yet and I am amazed at the clarity. Got a bunch of photo shoots scheduled, Tahoe and Yosemite coming up and than some studio stuff. Going to be a great summer for photos.

wakedad33 07-01-2011 1:34 PM

One word Jason, Jealous! Congrats.

richd 07-03-2011 9:25 AM

Nice job J, way to put that body to work!

steezyshots 07-12-2011 2:06 PM

Love my mark 4! Worth every penny!

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