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stoked_32 06-28-2011 1:07 PM

HS Off-Axis 3
So I tried spinning off axis for the first time this weekend and learned a lot, but I think I'm missing a major piece to be able to stick these. I'm able to spin flat 3s and have been hitting my heel 5's about half the time.

I started by just trying an underrotated roll2revert and ended up not getting anywhere near the handle, but felt like I got good pop.

After a few, my buddy told me to take a MUCH easier edge and try popping them more like a regular wake jump and I got the handle a couple times.


So a few things.

1.) First things first, do you think I'll have an easier time trying to go for a 3 or a 5?

2.) Also, my rotation looks different in that the board is straight up and down and less tucked under my butt. After watching the videos for myself, should I try aggressively bringing my knees up to my chest right off the wake to try and fix this?

3.) I feel like after I edge through the wake to initiate that the rotation, I feel like I have to lead with my upper body more to get the handle. Is this normal? I'm so used to pulling and leading with my lower body.

I landed my first OA 180 last weekend but it wasn't as off axis as I would've liked.

blatantblunts 07-05-2011 9:30 AM

would also like to see some tips on this one....

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