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kystyle 06-28-2011 12:45 PM

Handle Position
I'm starting to believe that I have misinterpreted handle position instruction. Here is my question... while edging into the wake do you keep your arms slightly bent or do you keep the handle closer to your hips. It has always been my understanding to have your arms only slightly bent when cutting into the wake, then pull the handle to the appropriate hip to initiate the trick/handle pass/etc. After watching some vids and studying body position it seems most riders have the handle almost right at their hip as they are edging into the wake. This actually makes a lot more sense to me, especially for spins. I'm going to give it a shot this weekend, but wanted to hear peoples' thoughts. Not trying to be elitist by any means, but I'm particularly curious to hear rider's thoughts who can land more advanced spins... ie hs 5 and ts 7.


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