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cadunkle 06-27-2011 6:44 PM

Southern Maine? Need a crew...
I'll be staying at the cabin on Thompson Lake in southern Maine from July 7 to July 24. Looks like it'll be just me for the first week and a half so will be looking for some people to ride with while I'm up there. It's a quiet lake without much boat traffic so it's hit or miss if I'll find anyone to give some pulls. If anyone is in the area or doesn't mind a drive I'd be happy to put you up if you want to stick around. Would be riding behind a Supra Saltare with extended pylon and Perfect Pass.

Every morning from my dock...

cadunkle 07-04-2011 8:20 AM

Bump... Leaving tomorrow will be there through the 24th.

cadunkle 07-13-2011 7:29 AM

Been here a week and haven't been able to ride yet, still looking for a crew.

joeshmoe 07-13-2011 8:00 AM

whats the temperature of the water??

cadunkle 07-13-2011 11:02 AM

Water was about 72 when I got here but after a few hot days has got up to mid-high 70s.

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