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pesos 06-24-2011 7:49 PM

2012 m5


jarrod 06-26-2011 11:44 AM

Awesome. I got to mob a new m5 about a year ago for about 150 miles. Incredible car. Definitely the fastest thing I have ever driven.

hatepain 06-27-2011 8:56 AM

Looks delicious!

andy_nintzel 06-27-2011 9:42 AM

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 560HP! YEAAAAS!

wakedoctor 06-27-2011 3:31 PM

Looks great. Hopefully it won't have the standard mediocre quality.

barry 06-27-2011 3:51 PM

A close friend of mine is a Master BMW tech and says the only way he'd own a BMW is if it was under factory warranty. He drives a GTO and an Avalanche.
This jives with my BMW experience- probably the most beautiful vehicles on the road, but I believe their engineers are paid unbelievably large sums of money to make their parts consecutively fail starting at 50,001 miles.

guido 06-28-2011 11:20 AM


BMW's have become cheaper over the years. They still have a reputation for being expensive cars, but they're nothing like they were in the 80's and it shows. They've cut some corners on quality, but are still amazing cars to drive.

Ponder this..... I had a '87 325is that was $28,900 when new. Do the math. A new comperable 3 series costs $45k. In today's dollars that's a much more affordable car. I'm just saying.

Oh and FWIW.... I'm a BMW tech and have owned 12 or so of them. Only 1 has been on a tow truck in hundreds of thousands of street/track miles. Right now we're on the Audi train, but I'll have some more BMW's at some point. The Audi is nice, but definitely doesn't drive like the BMW's.

dizzyj 06-28-2011 4:19 PM

love my m3. probably the last of the great M cars. NA FTW

barry 06-29-2011 2:20 PM

lol! I found this on another forum I frequent and couldn't stop thinking about how appropriate it was for this thread.
Sorry, Guido.. it's too good. :)


I would like to thank the previous homeowners that we purchased from. I have a profound gratitude for your ability to drill a 7/16 hole through the plaster wall and into 3" ABS drain line for the master bathroom all because you wanted to hang a decorative curtain rod.

Furthermore, your keen sense to patch this hole with wall puddy and paint because you missed by 1.25" to the left of where the bracket actually resides, shows how little you actually know about homes.

Thankfully, you took a job as an engineer at the BMW plant in sc. I'm sure you are doing spectacular work there, also.

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