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coda281 06-23-2011 8:05 PM

what editing software do you use, and your favorite video effect you like adding best? i use sony vegas 10 pro and like doing some picture movement or watever you call it when you take a bunch of pictures and it makes it look like a person is moving funky, hah

VR 03-08-2012 6:03 PM

Hi, i always use the Suite Adobe .. Afters & premiere pro are like Twins :
Look at this editing man :


It s made with go pro and CS5.5, this is a "trip" for a contest !!
For the effects, i recommend using Adobe after effects.


garveyj 03-09-2012 5:44 AM

hahahaha - love the shockwaves...that is one cool effect.

BlitzedVLX 03-14-2012 7:55 AM

I use Sony Vegas and recommend it for its ease of use. However I have been having problems with it using certain plugins to create effects and it stops responding and locks up. What color correction plugin did you use in the above clip?

SangerTom 03-16-2012 3:36 PM

Sony Vegas - never ever use magix - horrible product with horrible customer support.

dakid 03-17-2012 10:17 PM

eff this...eff that....wow, that got annoying real quick. couldn't even finish watching it.

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